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  1. Karthoum

    MKV DG Springs question

    So does this look like my car has DG springs installed? I have looked at so many pictures and I honestly don't know for sure. I measured my ride height the other day and I want to say it was 26.5"-26.25" all the way around.
  2. Karthoum


    Are there any cold air intakes that don't have the annoying noise? I just bought a MKV GTI and took off the Injen intake. Could not stand all the noise! Any options to get the benefits without the noise?
  3. Karthoum

    Anyone buy a 2010 GTI at CarMax Louisville?

    I sold my GTI to CarMax in Louisville and noticed it sold. Anyone on here?
  4. Karthoum

    FS: 1K0071126 VW Roof Base Carrier

    ****SOLD****: 1K0071126 VW Roof Base Carrier $250, shipping not included SOLD
  5. Karthoum

    FS: GTI Winter floor mats

    I have had these mats for 4 years and only use them in the winter. They are the full set of 4 factory mats that are ordered with the car. Heavy rubber, honeycomb, GTI in red Monster mats. Front and rear. As far as I know, they will fit MKV and MKVI. OEM Winter GTI Monster Mats. $75...
  6. Karthoum

    Order parts from Europe

    Anyone know of a site to buy prts from Europe? One that can convert the currency.
  7. Karthoum

    Anyone have a carfax account

    and could run a VIN for me??
  8. Karthoum

    Hmmm Seriously Mercedes?

    Knock off styling
  9. Karthoum

    Anyone know where I can get one of these??

    The MKVI part of the grill logo...
  10. Karthoum

    So I just have to vent...Re: RNS510

    The Media setup using the hard drive or an iPod in the center console is just crap. The screen changing interface for even getting to the music is SLOW, patience trying, and cumbersome. I have given it two years and have tried to be patient but I give up. It's just crap. The Nav, Dynaudio...
  11. Karthoum

    EURO vs US Ride Height

    So after looking at the extensive thread on the DriverGear springs, do they bring the US spec car to Euro specs as far as ride height? From the published specs I have found (not always accurate) looks like the answer is No since both seem to be 57.8" overall height and Min. ground clearance of...
  12. Karthoum

    Euro parts

    So has anyone bought parts from a dealer from say UK or Germany? I need a front plate holder but don't like the fact that some online retailers charge double the price. From what I have seen on Euro dealer sites it's about $28. Cheapest I have found otherwise is ECS for $40+$15 shipping. Surely...
  13. Karthoum

    How old is everyone

    45! Have had 24 cars, 1/6th of them VW's. ;) 1992 Corrado SLC VR6 2006 Jetta Current: 2009 Jetta Wolfsburg 2010 GTI
  14. Karthoum

    Independent VW Service in Indy area

    Looking for a good quality, attention to detail independent VW shop near Indy, preferably on NW side. Any help would be great!
  15. Karthoum

    At the dealer yesterday

    So we had to take both cars in for service, mine was a 20k service and my wife's was the mechatronics recall. While we were there we were scheduled to drive the new Beetle turbo. All in all, nice car but not as tight and sporty as my GTI. This one was a DSG and the difference between it and...
  16. Karthoum

    So set the record straight...

    I thought I had read on the net SOMEWHERE that key fobs can be programmed to roll windows/roof up and down by pressing and holding the lock and unlock. My dealer has told me it's not possible. I had a 1992 Corrado that did it, my 2004 MINI did it...what gives? My OM states that it can be...
  17. Karthoum

    RNS510 Radio changing...

    Anyone ever had the station change all by itself? I have had several occasions where it changes from what I am listening to to the last preset and all have been while making a right hand turn. For instance, coming off the interstate and merging right on the crossroad it has changed from SIRIUS...
  18. Karthoum

    H&R Sport Spring Set or Eibach Sportline Spring Set

    with 18" Karthoum's? Any rubbing or problems? Wheel specs: 8J x 18, ET50
  19. Karthoum

    Explain your User Name.

    The name combines "Kar" and "thoum" which is the sound your GTI makes as it whizzes by people. -VW And I have the wheels on mine. :D