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    Said Goodbye to my GTI last night

    Hey All, So I've been a dubber since I first was able to drive (2003). First car was an 85 Cabrio hand-me-down, Got a 2006 GTI in 2006, got a 92 GTI in 2008 (still had the 06), sold both and got a 2010 GTI in december of 2009. I picked up my mk6 from the port. It was one of the first non-launch...
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    New Beetle and Passat first impressions

    Hey guys, I recently attended the NYIAS this past weekend, and all I can say is WOW what a collection of amazing eye candy. Anyways, I checked out the VW area and they had some pretty cool stuff! The new GLI had a MUCH nicer interior than the current jetta, and squishy like the GTI. The same...
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    Golf R Cabrio anyone?

    I was bored in class today, here's what became of that time. Whaddaya think?
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    For anyone who hasn't seen this Dacia advertisement... Watch it! It's SO FUNNY!
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    best car you've ever driven?

    1. BMW m3 2. BMW X6 5.0 3. Audi A5 3.2 4. GTI
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    Saw a new A8 at the local country club /w window sticker! Got pics and pricing info!

    So I was at the local country club driving around and I saw this in the parking lot! It had the window sticker with all the pricing info. I had also noticed that the pricing info wasn't on the website or announced anywhere, so I thought I'd be "that guy" and post it up. Looks like the pricing is...
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    Please shoot me if ...

    Dude I'm down with the tribal ying yang geckos all over my car! :happyanim:
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    Aftermarket mic?

    So I love my GTI, but when I use the bluetooth mic I usually get complaints that I'm difficult to hear. Even with windows up and sunroof closed, I still have to speak loudly. Is there any fix for this issue? OEM or aftermarket? I want to upgrade my 9W2 to the 7, but I'd like my mic to function...
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    For everyone with the black GTIs....

    I went to autozone today to grab a new claybar, sponge, and some other minor things when I stumbled upon the Turtle Wax Black Box. Comes with specialized conditioner, wax, applicators, and black detailing spray. After a solid claybarring, I followed the instructions. You start out applying this...
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    So I've been laying low for a while....

    So I got my GTI in december and have been loving it ever since... well one pet peeve was the following. Sometimes when slowing down or hanging out my "ENGINE OFF! CHECK OIL PRESSURE LIGHT" notification would flash and disappear without a trace after a few seconds.... This happened semi...
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    Post Whore

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    He bites me

    He gets it
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    He bites me

    in my vagina when I walk him and he sees other dogs.
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    Enter @ Own Risk

    It kind of is :-p.
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    Post Whore

    McQuackinator Supreme.
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    3 Words ONLY

    be like whafrodamus
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    3 Words ONLY

    I never post
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    A lil' pchoppage

    Thoughts on these wheels? They're benzo reps in 18" from
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    Official New England Pic Thread

    Just because I can.