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    Rough Idle / Exhaust Popping

    Okay so recently as in 2 weeks ago, I experienced an issue after driving my 2014 VW GTI. I was rushing to work so I only topped my speed at about 80 Mph and shifted through each gear well under or at 4,000 RPM. The issue that occurred happened after coming to a red light my exhaust started...
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    Downpipe Modification

    Okay... So I have a Circuit Werks DeCat Downpipe for my 2014 Volkswagen MK6. From the reviews for people with a CCTA engine they love it and it sounds great. Unfortunately, My VW's engine code is CBFA. The other unfortunate issue is that I do not have $500-$600 to spend on a Downpipe which has...
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    Question about modifying my GTI.

    So, I drive a 2014 GTI wolfsburg edition (PZEV) and I have a few questions I dont make the greatest amount of money so just bare with me on some of these questions. Do I need a tune to run a aftermarket downpipe? Whats the cheapest but best quality downpipe for CBFA engine codes? If I go...