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    FS: ARM throttle pipe

    Still available.
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    CIM center vent boost gauge

    Have a Concept in motion boost gauge for sale. This piece is no longer made. Pre installed in the center vent so easy for anyone to install. No issues with it. Includes gauge, hoses, sender unit and wiring. Has a filter but recommend replacing it. $150 shipped
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    FS: ARM throttle pipe

    Have a ARM throttle pipe for sale. Price: $100 plus shipping Location: Hazlet nj Please reach out with any questions.
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    FS: mk6 gti ohlin road and track coilovers

    Have a set of Ohlins R&T with approximately 30k miles on them. Will include new set of ecs tuning heavy duty rear strut mounts and install kit with purchase. Price: $1500 obo Location: Hazlet nj Please reach out with any questions. Pics will be uploaded soon!
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    FS: used SB stage 2 endurance clutch

    Hey, added some additional photos. Thxs!
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    SOLD: gti leather seats full set

    Have a set of gti leather seats off a 2010 autobahn. Great condition, no rips along the seams. Price: $650 obo Location: Hazlet nj Local pick up preferred
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    FS: used SB stage 2 endurance clutch

    Hey everyone, Have a sound bend stage 2 endurance that was on my mk6 gti stage 2 for 23k miles. Disc will need replacing and recommend getting the flywheel and pressure plate resurfaced. Great for someone on a budget and can drop in their own disc. Price: $250 plus shipping Location: Hazlet...
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    SOLD: Maxton rear lip spoiler, gloss’s black

    Have a maxton rear lip spoiler in gloss black finished. Looking to get $100 shipped. Location: Hazlet, NJ Will get pictures uploaded soon.
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    SOLD: mk6 gti neuspeed CB

    Have a Neuspeed catback, will include new gasket. Price OBO Cat back $550 Location: Hazlet NJ Local pickup preferred but Willing to ship at buyers expense.
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    Hey, are these still available? Thanks

    Hey, are these still available? Thanks
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    WTB: cbfa stock downpipe within tri state

    Looking for a stock cbfa downpipe let me know! thanks
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    SOLD: DIESEL GEEK short shifter

    Hello! Have a dg shifter shifter for sale. price: $160 shipped $150 picked up located in Staten Island , NY message me for any additional questions. thanks!
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    SOLD: rotiform BLQ $450 18x8.5 et45

    Have a set of BLQS with 225/40/18 Continental dws06 tires. Includes tpms sensor, center cap and hub centric rings. There is some curb rash, one slight bend on one wheel but no issues. “S” is worn down on 3 tires on the “DWS” wear markers. 4th Was replaced under warranty No patch work done...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Sounds amazing! Louder than the unitronic for sure. Quiet driving normal and loud when your on it. Unitronic had more of a low rumble and refined sound, neuspeed sounds hollow since it doesn’t have a resonator and just split rear muffler. I can try and post some videos.
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Replaced my unitronic cat back with neuspeed. Paired up with unitronic DP Which setup do you guys like? Cts turbo, unitronic, neuspeed
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    Sold Unitronic cat back $450

    Bump! Exhaust is off the car now.
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    Sold Unitronic cat back $450

    Hello! have a Mk6 gti unitronic cat back for sale. It’s currently still on the car but will be removing one the coming weeks. It’s a great sounding exhaust, quiet while cruising but a nice deep done when you get on it. Just want to see if anyone is interested. PM me for more info. location...
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    WTB Catback Exhaust.

    Hey, I have a unitronic cat back for sale if your are interested.
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    42 DD solid shifter bushing

    Have a set of 42DD solid shifter bushing. Worked great with a short shifter to tighten up the shifts. I have all new installation hardware as you can see in the picture. $35 shipped save some money plus shipping cost.