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  1. jp0319

    FS: MK6 Golf R Front/Rear 25mm Sway Bars (Neuspeed)

    FS: MK6 Golf R Rear 25mm Sway Bar (Neuspeed) For sale brand new in the box Neuspeed 25mm Rear ( Sway Bar for the MK6 Golf R. I am asking $200 shipped to your door. The sway bar was only removed from the box for pictures, never mounted or used, and has been re-packaged and is ready to...
  2. jp0319

    FS: Golf R suspension parts (Neuspeed, Tyrolsport, Unibrace, etc.)

    FS: Golf R / MK6 suspension parts For sale: MK6 front left and right ball joints New In the box Front left and right ball joints pair (Will also fit GTI); $60 shipped Ball Joints
  3. jp0319

    FS: Golf R Drivetrain Parts (Dog Bone Inserts, Clutch Bleeder Block, various others)

    FS: MK6 Drivetrain Parts (Dog Bone Inserts, Clutch Bleeder Block, various others) For sale: Brand new in the package drivetrain performance parts. All parts will fit MK6 Golf, Golf R, or GTI. The listed prices reflect price for each component shipped to you, all parts are being sold at a...
  4. jp0319

    FS: Golf R Brake parts (Lines, Pads, Tyrolsport)

    For Sale: New in the package Tyrolsport Brake Caliper Stiffening Kit for MK6 Golf R/MK5 R32 $60 shipped to you (Sold) Tyrolsport Brake Caliper Stiffening Kit
  5. jp0319

    FS: Driver Motorsport Driver Programmer

    close thread close thread
  6. jp0319

    Supreme Power

    I just want to take a minute to thank Supreme Power (specifically Tam and allset). I recently had a couple of the center caps in my RSe05s come off. One I just noticed was gone and the other came off while I was cleaning my car. I suspect that the place that mounted and balanced my tires a...
  7. jp0319

    Window Tint, which one?

    I want to get my windows tinted soon. In my GTI I had Llumar ceramic tint which was awesome and never bubbled, faded, or wore in any perceptable way. I began to research tinters in the area that I now live and it seems no one within an hour drive carries Llumar. The tint that the local reputable...
  8. jp0319

    ECS Tuning Two Piece Rotors?

    I'm seriously considering getting the ECS two piece front rotors. I can't find any reviews of them on line for the Golf, GTI, or, R. Has anyone used them, are there any reviews or impressions on here or anywhere else? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. jp0319

    Brake / Clutch Bleeding questions

    All, In the research I have been able to do I gather that the brake and clutch fluid are one in the same? I have purchased over the winter new USP Stainless Brake lines, ECS Clutch Bleeder block, and USP Stainless Clutch Line. I plan to install all of these at the same time in the very near...
  10. jp0319

    JP's Tornado .:Red .:R

    I decided to go ahead an start a build thread. I'm putting the cart before the horse a bit but since all the parts and mods I have for my car are in my basement waiting on spring or the weather to warm up a but before I get it all on. Until then, I'll tease you with pics of the mods and my mod...
  11. jp0319

    Golf R Suspension Questions/Advice?

    Hello all, I decided with my R that I was going to take one aspect of performance at a time and not move on till I was done. So with that in mind I'm down to the last couple or so things I think I need for the suspension. I plan on getting the neuspeed front and rear sway bars soon to complete...
  12. jp0319

    Mud Flaps?

    Does anyone know if there are mud flaps made for the Golf R? I have searched the internet and pictures keep coming up for GTI flaps, but I don't believe they will fit the R because the rear is different? JP
  13. jp0319

    plasti dip

    Anyone plasti dip underneath your car? I'm looking for a way to protect under the car against salt corrosion, thought the plasti dip might be a route?
  14. jp0319

    Which tires for an 8" wheel?

    Ok here is the deal, I have 17" x 8" RSe05 wheels waiting on rubber. I'm ready to get tires (Michelin Pilot A/S 3) but I can't decide between 225 and 235 width. I have looked for pictures of the wheels mounted on a golf, GT I, or R and I can't find any pictures of a 235, only 225 and wider 245...
  15. jp0319

    Which Wheels? Help me decide

    Ok all, I am ready to pull the trigger on the purchase of some wheels, but I am stuck. I am looking at the Neuspeed RSe05 (17") in either matte black or gun metal, or the Neuspeed RSe12 (18") in either matte black or gun metal. The wheels will be going on a tornado red Golf R. My indecision...
  16. jp0319

    FS: Low mileage 2011 GTI suspension

    Up for sale is a very low mileage stock GTI suspension (under 500 miles) taken off of a 2011 GTI when I installed lowering springs and Koni shocks. This is a full set 4 x Springs, 4 x Shocks and will fit any MK5 / MK6 Golf. I am asking $100 for the set I will ship (at buyes expense) or meet you...
  17. jp0319

    Pic Request: Golf R on 17" wheels

    I have searched and searched, google, here, the tex. I have only seen one pic of a RB Golf R with 17" wheels, and that is at stock height. I'd like to see those of you who have Golf Rs and are running 17" wheels at any suspension height but I'd like to see lowered. Odd request I know but I am...
  18. jp0319

    WTS: 4 Detroit Wheels (IA)

    Sold: 4 Detroit Wheels (IA) WTS: 4 Factory 18 x 7.5 Detroit Wheels in excellent condition. I took these off of my 2011 GTI with less than 500 miles on the odometer when I put on VMR v701s, they have been in storage since, boxed and packaged in the VMR boxes. They are in very good condition, no...
  19. jp0319

    Which Coils for a Golf .:R

    Ok, having had some time to look and read, I have changed my mind. I think coilovers are the direction I am going to go. There are so many choices, I now live in IA so corrosion resistance is important to me, as well as daily drivability and performance. I know thats a tall order but I think I...
  20. jp0319

    Golf R vs MK6 suspension differences?

    I was going to post this in suspension but its more R specific, so if it needs to go there feel free to move. Question, Can MK6 GTI suspension bits (ie: shocks, struts, springs, coilovers) be used on a Golf R? I know weights will be slightly different with the 4motion vs the FWD GTI but is...