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  1. HuangMoney

    WTB: 6 spd Shopdap Holy shift kit or DG kit

    Located in NJ. Looking for a good deal. Thanks
  2. HuangMoney

    WTB: Manual TDI

    Shoots me some cars! Thanks. Not looking for a low miles immaculate TDI, I am looking for a good driver. Pref under 120k miles or if higher, then with the dieselgate warranty lol. Scott
  3. HuangMoney

    Set of 5 OZ Ultraleggeras 18x8 et45 5x112 with new Sumitomo HTR A/S P02

    $900 Or best offer, no trades, not in a rush to sell them. The one with no tire is welded a few places and gross so I bought a new one. Would make a nice desk in its condition, or you could go get it fixed. Two are perfect, one is welded and has rash+a scuff, another has a TINY nick. Tires have...
  4. HuangMoney

    Set of 4 Contiprocontact E 235/50/18

    Two have decent tread, two have fair tread. No bubbles or cracks, or patches, came off of wheels I bought. $200
  5. HuangMoney

    FS: NJ 2012 GTI CSG DSG 51k miles reconstructed title

    Album: Time to sell my baby...I bought an mk7. Miles wont go up, I don't drive it. 2 owners, first owner had to 4400 miles, I think it was insurance frauded out for "flood/water damage" but thats another story...
  6. HuangMoney

    Carbon Cleaning in NJ

    Hi guys, I was quoted 300 for a carbon cleaning without the injector seals, but i'm not 100% sure they do a great job from the pictures. Are there any other places with comparable prices in the NJ area?
  7. HuangMoney

    Coilover install in CNJ

    Hey guys, I recently got quoted by a shop to do a rear shock replacement for $250 in labor. I read online that people are getting full coilover installs for $200, I wanted to know where everyone is going for that? I might buy a set of coils since my rear suspension seems to be going bad, might...
  8. HuangMoney

    Where can I find OEM OZ superleggera hub centering rings+ caps?

    I recently bought 18x8 OZ Superleggera for a very good price, the catch was that two of the wheels were missing the hub centering rings, and all four were missing the center caps. I looked on the back of the wheel for some sort of part number or measurement on the hub, but I found nothing. I...
  9. HuangMoney

    Central NJ Exhaust shops? (Resonator delete)

    Sup guys. I have been asking around for a good place to get my resonator deleted, because someone tried to quote me for $150-200, and i've heard of people getting it deleted for $50, with nice welds. Looking for a place that won't break the bank
  10. HuangMoney

    WTB: Unmarried Cobb AP

  11. HuangMoney

    Central NJ WTB 18x8ish wheels+tires

    I'm looking to see if anyone wants to part with a good set of wheels and tires for around $500-800, no summer tires. I've been trying to see if anyone had some sparco assetto garas but the only ones available are west coast lol.
  12. HuangMoney

    WTB: 18x8-8.5 wheels+tires, $500-800 NJ Area

    Hi all, just looking for some wheels that will fit without fender rolling/cambering out, and tires. Have been looking for grey sparco assetto gara wheels specifically, but never could find any used set. Looking for something local, maybe 1.5h out of the way max. Thanks.
  13. HuangMoney

    Matte or Gloss black rear badge on CSG?

    I'm going to be replacing the rear badge on my CSG and i'm curious, Matte or Gloss? and which one did you guys buy that gave the best fitment? Also, if anyone did a color matched Klii motorworks inlay, or maybe the carbon fiber and how would it look on a CSG car too?
  14. HuangMoney

    Unwarranted first impression of GFB DV+

    So i'd been getting weird surges sometimes and lag and the accordionish sound when on full boost, originally only when I floored it i'd get a small whine from the DV, but it got worse as I went from apr stage v1 to v2 software, eventually to stage 2. Anyway, established that my DV was shitting...
  15. HuangMoney

    WTB: GFB DV+

  16. HuangMoney

    Front license plate?

    Hi guys, i'm from Central NJ and I go to school in Buffalo, NY I was thinking of getting some license plate hole fillers and painting them, and then getting a tow bracket license plate holder. It's not as clean as running no plate, but I was wondering what everyone else does? And if cops give...
  17. HuangMoney

    RCD510 with bluetooth, which is disabled?

    Hi All, I have an RCD510 from what I gather, the AE revision. Not entirely sure what Part #1K0035180AE, The one that is AM FM SAT, MEDIA PHONE SETUP. My dad bought what I assume is a 9w7 bluetooth module part#5K0035730E HW:H12 off a 2012 jetta Now, to my understanding it's almost 100% plug...
  18. HuangMoney

    Is the A/C weak for anyone else?

    I bought my car with 4,400 miles 2 years ago, and one thing i've come to notice is that the air conditioning and doesn't blow too cold. It's a 2012 gti so it's not exactly old I hopped in one of my parent's camry and noticed that immediately the rush of cold air came in on the low setting. For...
  19. HuangMoney

    Anyone accidentally run into someone famous?

    One time I was on training trip with my swim team and my old roommate thought Chris Christie was on my flight so he told me since I was the only one from Jersey. Turned out it was some other fat white guy :P