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    Long Term Storage of a GTI

    So I just got the news that I will deploying for 8 months. During this time, I will be storing my car either in our drive way, I will try to put it in a garage but that does not seem possible right now. I plan to get it polished and waxed. I plan to raise the car so there is no load on the...
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    ICBC Question

    So, I am in the CF and will be deploying for about 8 months, just after I leave my insurance expires. I will store my car in my garage when I am gone. I am not going to cancel my insurance before I leave because I don't want to turn in my plates. What happens if I do not renew my insurance and...
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    Iphone 4S Siri and RNS 510

    Is there way to activate Siri using the buttons on the steering wheel or any other button?
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    Canadian RNS 510 Map/Firmware upgrade

    Anybody got a Map or Firmware upgrade on their RNS 510 from a dealer? Or have done it themselves?
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    RNS-510 Map and Firmware Upgrade

    So I am trying to update the firmware on my RNS and I found the link But it says it will delete my Map Data and I coud find a link to download the latest maps.... Anybody have a link? cheers
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    Downpipe vs Turbo Back

    I am sure it has been discussed before but I could not find much on it. Please point me to right direction if there is a active thread on this. I am curious to see if getting a whole TBE is worth it or just a DP will provide majority of performance increase? I hear people saying DP makes a...
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    AWE Tunning Parts

    I was on AWE Tuning website today and saw that they do not ship to Canada, where do you guys get your AWE Tuning parta from? I am on the west coast... cheers
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    Tiguan Pipe 101

    So I came across the tiguan pipe mod this forum. I have a 2011 GTI and it does not have a noise maker, will tiguan pipe reduce turbo lag at all? Thanks
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    8.9 earthquake in Japan

    Oh no..
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    iPad Car Mount

    I am looking for a solution where I can mount my iPad somewhere close to the centre console... I am not trying to replace the head unit or anything... I am interested in using large Nav Screen, some OBDII Apps, and APR app down the road :) Maybe some internet browsing for the passenger..
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    Anyone with APR TBE or DP

    I really want to hear the sound of APR DP or TBE before I buy.. Anyone has it on west coast?
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    Erasing Fault Codes via Vag-Com

    I am trying to erase fault codes, when I go each controller, I do not see any fault codes but when I do a Auto-Scan, they still show up.... How can I can delete fault codes from all logs?
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    APR Stage 1 Misfire...

    I recently got my Stage 1, I was driving on the highway, I wanted to pass a car so I floored it while going 125km/hr or so. Car had no power, CEL started flashing, after a minute or so CEL stopped flashing. When I got home, I checked fault codes and here is what I got... Address 01: Engine...
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    Golf 6 Military Pers

    Canadian Forces, NES OP Nice to another CF member...
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    Rear Camera Install

    Today, as I got the 9500ci installed, I also got a VW OEM Badge Camera Installed. I bought part numbers 5K0827469Q (Camera and controller) 5M1970161AC (Coaxial cable connecting camera with the RNS 510 Video I/O connector) I also bought other parts that I taught I needed, but turned out I did...
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    Escort 9500ci Install

    After many $ and more $ I got the 9500ci installed today. I bought the Escort 9500ci which is a radar detector and laser shifter. More info can be found I also got the screen for the 9500ci installed inside a auro dimming rear view...
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    iPad 2 Coming March 11

    I have been waiting fir the iPad 2, I am getting one for sure!
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    Sirius Traffic in Canada

    As far as I know, Sirius Canada does not offer Traffic Services in Canada... I am hoping to activated through Sirius US. I have a prepaid mastercard registered with a US Billing Adress. I have used the same before for iTunes and I have a US iTunes account. Has anyone tried this with Sirius?
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    100 Octane Gas

    I am looking for 100 octane gas in Victoria BC, highest I have seen is 94, only at Chevron and Husky... Anywhere that sells 100 on the west cost?
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    Octane Booster

    I am getting APR Stage 1 Flash with 4 programs... One of them being 100 Octane and has substantial HP gains. Highest grade I can get around here is 94. I have read about octane boosters but have no experience with them... Any recommendations? or information? Thanks