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  1. luvdagators

    Wagon-Wheel restore

    I gotta say I liked them before much better Nice gift for your parents,props
  2. luvdagators

    WTB Yakima whispbars

    WTB Yakima whispbars for 3 door VW Gti Thanks!
  3. luvdagators

    Would you buy this?

    Just curious who might buy one if available in the US market
  4. luvdagators

    Grill stripes

    MK6 GTI grill stripes What color red is that? Anybody know what color rattle can Krylon is closest to it? I want to paint a tag holder Thanks
  5. luvdagators

    Warranty work by

    sounds about right for ford
  6. luvdagators

    Neat little detailing tip

    Hello Friends, Now that spring has sprung and all the pollen, dust and grit is flying around no doubt some of it is floating around the interior of your car. These neat little swiffers clean very well. Pollen and dust stick too these things like a magnet. Once you buy the kit the refills are...
  7. luvdagators

    Tesla Model 3

    Not crazy about the front of the car, the rest looks nice
  8. luvdagators

    Tesla Model 3

    Its 2 years before it goes on sale right?
  9. luvdagators

    I want one of these's
  10. luvdagators

    I want one of these's

    It could be either a 4 door golf or jetta Its a custom kit to transform either into a truck
  11. luvdagators

    I want one of these's

    That's a 4 door golf to truck conversion
  12. luvdagators

    HELP! I'm stuck in Canada

    find a bar and drink up
  13. luvdagators

    Bot SPAM threads getting out of hand

    Spam and eggs.......Yummy
  14. luvdagators

    Super bowl Party?

    GO PANTHERS!!! Keep Pounding Dab on them Broncos
  15. luvdagators

    Your toys VW

    Thank You Sir......
  16. luvdagators

    Your toys VW

    No shop My personal collection!!!!
  17. luvdagators

    Your toys VW

  18. luvdagators

    Whats the name of this VW Wheel

    Info, size specs anybody?