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  1. engineered2win

    FS: Uberstealth Underfloor Mk5/Mk6 Sub Box w/ Pioneer Sub

    For sale is an Uber-Stealth Audio underfloor sub box for the Mk6/MkV Golf. The sub box fits on the driver side of the spare tire. Also installed is a 10" low profile Pioneer sub (TS-SW2502S4). This was removed from my Mk6, and sounds great. I sold the car, so I'm parting the remaining bits out...
  2. engineered2win

    Ross-Tech VCDS Micro-CAN Interface -

    For sale is a fully functional Ross-Tech VCDS Micro-CAN USB interface. This works with all VW and Audi's based on the Golf Mk5 through Mk7. The license is built into the cable. Just download the software from their website and plug it in. $200 Shipped Link for more info...
  3. engineered2win

    BMW M2 or GT350?

    It's nice that in 2016 BMW could actually be bothered to put fixed calipers on an M car. The M2 is more of a match for the Focus RS than even the Mustang GT. I would be willing to bet a bathtub full of cash that the GT350 will annihilate the M2 on track. Lets see: soundtrack - Mustang, brakes-...
  4. engineered2win

    FS: Tire Rack Steelies and Dunlop Winter Maxx -Columbus,OH

    For sale is a used set of Dunlop Winter Maxx tires (205/55-16), which are mounted on Tire Rack steel wheels (16"x6.5" ET42). Also included are OE VW Wheel lug caps. The tires all have at least 6/32" tread depth (11/32" new), and should be good for 1-2 more winters. These mount using the factory...
  5. engineered2win

    Auto Dimming Mirror Not Working - Unusual Fix

    I've had the OE rain light sensor and auto dimming mirror installed for the better part of a year. I followed the excellent writeup here: Everything was working great, until the mirror stopped dimming out of...
  6. engineered2win

    WTB: Stock TDI Intake

    Looking for a stock Mk6 TDI airbox. PM me with an offer including shipping to ZIP code 43040. Thanks
  7. engineered2win

    VW Under Seat Amp Cover

    For sale is a brand new VW under seat amp cover, backets, and all hardware. Asking $45 shipped.
  8. engineered2win

    FS: Unibrace RB v2 Black - OH

    For sale is a used Unibrace RB v2. I am listing it for $150 shipped. Picture:
  9. engineered2win

    Polk DB6500 Too Bright

    My audio setup consists of: RNS-510 coded for Volkswagen Sound System (line level out) Rockford Fosgate Punch p400x4 Blaupunkt THA PNP speaker wiring harness adapter Polk DB6501 2 way components front stock 'Premium 8' rear speakers My issue is that the Polk tweeters are just too harsh and...
  10. engineered2win

    FS: Driver Gear Springs 2DR 6MT - Ohio

    For sale is a set of VW Eibach Driver Gear Springs for a 2DR 6MT Golf (p/n 5K3071677). The springs have approximately 20k miles on them. They are yours for $100 plus shipping, or we can meet if you are in Columbus, OH.
  11. engineered2win

    02Q 6MT Oil Change Interval

    I just did my 50k mile service yesterday and decided to implement a transmission oil change interval every 50k like most of my other cars recommended. I'm sure you're all aware of the magical good for life claim ze germans are all giving their transmission gear oil and I'm sure there will be...
  12. engineered2win

    Any advantages to MK7 being built in Mexico?

    I fail to see how moving production to Mexico will reduce build quality. My 2011 at 50k miles has worse build quality than my old cavalier at 150k. My seats never frayed, I never had problems with the door seals, it didn't have an EGR valve to break and leave me stranded, and the dealers were...
  13. engineered2win

    FS: Aftermarket Radio Integration

    I have a few items up for sale after buying a RNS-510. PM me with any offers. I'd prefer to bundle them together if possible. Connects2 (p/n CTSVW002.2) can-bus & steering wheel interface: $60 The steering wheel adapter that comes with it is for a Pioneer radio. Basically brand new, used only a...
  14. engineered2win

    WTB: Ross Tech VCDS Micro-CAN Cable

    I'm looking for a used micro-CAN VCDS cable. Please PM me with any offers.
  15. engineered2win

    WTB: GTI Front Caliper Carriers

    I'm looking for the front brake caliper carriers (both sides) from a MK6 GTI. PM me with any offers.
  16. engineered2win

    ECS Tuning Adjustable Short Shifter Review

    I chose the ECS Tuning Adjustable Short Shift kit because they were local to me growing up in northern Ohio and have a good reputation. This kit is in direct competition with the Diesel Geek kit as they are in the $190-200 price range. I chose this kit over the Diesel Geek because I prefered to...
  17. engineered2win

    Premium 8 System Upgrade

    I am in the process of upgrading my factory Premium 8 audio system. I am replacing the RCD-510 with a Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT next week and am looking for speaker recommendations. I can install the AVIC for around $950, which is about half the price of going with a RNS510. The current factory setup...
  18. engineered2win

    What was your last car?

    1996 Dodge 1500 - Extended Cab, 360cid: Sold it because 11mpg average sucks for a dd. 2002 Chevy Cadavalier - base model sedan w/ autotragic: Got me through high screwl and kollege. It was noisy, slow, unsightly, and the handling was incredibly soft yet harsh. This was a vehicle that could...
  19. engineered2win

    Golf TDI - Tragedy Day One

    After 9 years of driving a POS Chevy Cavalier through high screwl and kollege I decided it was time to rid myself of the wretched thing before I had to update my tetanus shot or find a therapist. It wasn't much, but it never let me down; not once in 130k miles. The list of things needing fixing...