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  1. Euro Scene1

    Best wife/gf quotes about cars

    My girlfriend drives a Mini Cooper and recently drove the GTI for the first time, after getting out of the car she says "I'm terrified, but I like it". :p
  2. Euro Scene1

    Why do these people exist??

    "roaming the roads somewhere in the U.S." I knew just from watching the video, that this was in South Florida. I hate being right.
  3. Euro Scene1

    The game will ruin you!!!

    I somehow managed -0.3 meters. :confused:
  4. Euro Scene1

    College MK6 owners!

    Very nice to see everyones response! Anyone considering grad school, law, med?
  5. Euro Scene1

    New GLI impressions

    They never have in its entire history, so I wouldn't count on it. :(
  6. Euro Scene1

    College MK6 owners!

    I currently pay for the low monthly down payments, since I was fortunate enough to have my parents put a sizeable down payment on the car. But only after waiting almost 3 years for it! :( Drove around in a 2.0 Jetta that was falling apart on me all through out most of college. I can't...
  7. Euro Scene1

    College MK6 owners!

    Where do you go to school and what are you majoring in? :) I'm currently a senior at Florida International University, getting a BS in Criminal Justice and will begin working on my Masters in Public Administration next year. :thumbup: I'd love to hear about the rest of you guys!
  8. Euro Scene1

    Plaid seats

    How many of you have ladies who love them? :happyanim:
  9. Euro Scene1

    What was your last car?

    2.slow Jetta I used through out high-school and first 2 years of college.
  10. Euro Scene1

    Black emblems?

    I can't for the life of me find any pictures of a Tornado Red GTI with blacked out front and back emblems. Anyone have any good examples? :iono:
  11. Euro Scene1

    Whats your occupation?

    Yea, I'm definitely ready to move up to management and eventually district management. I love the work, even though at the moment my position is just entry level. I just need some more experience and to finish my degree next year. :thumbup:
  12. Euro Scene1

    Whats your occupation?

    Retail Loss Prevention/Asset Protection :thumbsup: Also in College.