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  1. IES99

    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Go see "Everywhere Everything All at the same time". I think the big screen in a theater works with all action, slow motion, science fiction, fantasy, martial arts fighting and strange fingers.
  2. IES99

    Machine VS Razor

    I used electric in the past but changed to a multiblade razor years ago. The result with the razor has been better for me.
  3. IES99

    Animals on the road

    Saw this snapper on the street today warming itself. Didn't want it to get hit so I stopped traffic until it crawled into the ditch. It's not a big animal but the biggest turtle I've seen on the neighborhood street
  4. IES99

    Caption contest time!

    The bitch in that car is in heat. I'm going to jump over, she needs "attention".
  5. IES99

    Who is your NFL team?

  6. IES99

    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad joke thread

    Two men sit drinking in the bar at the top of the Empire State Building. One turns to the other and says: "You know, last week I discovered that if you jump from the top of this building, by the time you fall to the 10th floor, the winds around the building are so intense that they carry you...
  7. IES99

    3 row SUV for the family + towing

    If I were to replace the Grand Cherokee it would be a Durango. IMO,you made a good choice.
  8. IES99

    Do You Feel Sorry for This Couple?

    They have been foolish with money and lived beyond their means. They are making $160K+ per year but were living a $350K/year life style They are living in the wrong place. Time to downsize (they can't live in the big house they bought), find a nice public school district for the kids (yes...
  9. IES99

    Which cellphone sucks less?

    Exactly I thought my 6S was bad. it was the lint from the pants pocket i keep it in. :)
  10. IES99

    Fiat Chrysler’s new CEO Mike Manley

    I disagree but we can still be friends.:D
  11. IES99

    What car does your partner drive?

    Jeep Grand Cherokee
  12. IES99

    motortrend... wtf

    The idea of a la carte viewing on cable (paying for only what you want to see)was a very popular idea. But now that it has happened (HBO (and porn) invented it) and now NetFlix, Amazon Prime Video, and You Tube are finding ways to get the money, it isn't as attractive we thought it would be.
  13. IES99

    Stephen Hawking

    My personal opinion about Hawking's advice: It is more important to focus on your feet (where you are going and what you are going to do) than on the stars (about which you can do absolutely nothing).
  14. IES99

    What are you drinking?

    Glenview glass Got those in Edinburgh and only use for my Glenfiddich (15 when I splurge and go up from the 12)
  15. IES99

    World's Biggest Puppy

    Doggone big dog.
  16. IES99

    Does anyone read books still?

    I just finished Artemis as well. I thought is was predictable, but Weir did a good job of imagining what it would take to engineer a lunar colony city. I'm usually more into crime novels. Sanford's Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers as the main characters. I'll also read Connelly's Harry...
  17. IES99


    I'm a member of other forums (some are none car related) as well as this one and while most of this one is helpful, I find more rude responses here than in those others. A post up above asked a question about auto window operation. Some responses were helpful but several others seemed to take...