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    Stock ride height GTI with Denver's

    So I recently gave up the low life and went back to my stock suspension. It's been a while since I've seen a stock GTI with denvers, and to me it seems my ride height is a bit too high. Does anyone have any reference pics of stock gti's with denvers? even the ones i've seen on google images...
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    Original Coding for halogen headlights/stock tails

    I'm finally turning by car back to stock, and that involves putting my stock halogens and stock taillights back. Only problem is I lost my original codes for byte 18! (used a friends laptop, which has since been sold). After some research it seems the original byte 18 for halogens/stock tails...
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    Used OEM suspension

    Has anyone ever swapped back to their used OEM suspension after years of storage? I got 4 year old OEM springs/shocks with only 5k miles on them when i swapped them out for coils, and i was wondering if it'd be ok to swap them back in or does years of storage in a box do something to the shocks...
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    90s Raver kids vs today's raver kids

    i'm sorry but all forms of fashion from the 90's (late 80's too i suppose) were a mistake. doesn't matter the genre.
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    Issues with car warranty when shipped overseas?

    Not a VW specific question, but a friend on FB was telling a story about someone who basically bought a Mazda RX8 in america, got stationed in Germany, shipped the car to Germany, and now is out of luck on a warranty claim since Mazda states warranties are void when shipping a car overseas. The...
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    Boost surge/hesitation during WOT

    So let me preface this with the fact that I did indeed search for similar terms, but most of the searches returned results regarding slipping clutches, with a couple pointing to the DV. Nothing concrete, so I decided to post a new thread. Basically, I've noticed for a while during hard...
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    Mercedes A Class-250 AMG - Hot Hatch

    bmw 1 hatch, mb a-class, or audi a3? only one is available to us murricans though :c
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    The ULTIMATE Workout Thread

    if it's truly apeshit, then you can pretty much eat anything you want whenever you want. in fact, a lot of people over estimate how much they eat when trying to bulk, thus minimizing gains. force yourself to eat more than you want to, and you're on the right path to a legit bulk. granted, try...
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    Bad coilpack

    So i popped my coilpack cherry and had huge misfires on cylinder one last night. limped it over to the dealer about 5 miles away and got it replaced under warranty. Any ill effects driving around sounding like a subie for 5ish miles?
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    FS: Blacked out sukuans retrofits

    WTS My blacked out sukunas retrofits with morimoto mini h1's. Fully functioning with our without DDM tuning ballasts/morimoto xb35 4300k bulbs. Drivers side lens is slightly cloudy on the inside due to improper sealing from Sukunas himself. After i brought it up with him last year he...
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    Euro switch question. it works but...

    the lights on the euro switch itself doesn't seem to do much. I wired everything proper: For parking lights: pin #3 to black cecm pin #19). For the rear fog light: * trigger wire from switch pin #7 to black cecm pin# 17 * move wire from black cecm pin #28 to brown cecm pin #47 * move wire...
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    I'm speechless.

    donks make you jelly? been seeing a few out here in hawaii too. To each their own!
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    Windshield streaking TSB's? Shows some TSB's for windshield streaking. Has anyone had these TSB's done? I've had streaking on my windshield while using my wipers (right in the middle of the wiper... where it connects to the arm) since day one and my dealership said there...
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    road work!

    So they're doing road work on the roads entering where i work, but in the roads they have these giant posts that come out of the ground to block traffic when needed. Those posts are in a seperate cement section that apparently comes out of the ground about 4-5 inches in height from the dug up...
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    The ULTIMATE Workout Thread

    13 lbs in two months is huge! on top of that, you probably lost more than 13 lbs of fat, since you're gaining muscle at the same time. keep up the great work!
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    The ULTIMATE Workout Thread

    nice rant :p Devils advocate here: After doing heavy squats there's no way in heck i could do any form of cardio lol. Way more tired from that then when i do cardio. he does sound like a meathead though ahaha. How long do your workouts usually last?
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    The ULTIMATE Workout Thread

    so i got the dreaded back pain from doing deadlifts! not sure if it was form related because i go the injury from doing a weight i've always been able to pull with relative ease. Feels like a muscle pull more than anything else, but i feel i may need to take a week off or so from lifting :(:(:(
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    Bad diverter valve?

    got me a check engine light! 1 Fault Found: 000665 - Boost Pressure Regulation P0299 - 000 - Control Range Not Reached - MIL ON Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 11100000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Frequency: 1...
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    battery distribution block?

    So i have a wire harness with an inline fuse/relay, and I was wondering if I would be able to install the harness on that stock distribution block thing that's by the battery, or would it be better to just install it directly to the terminals on the battery? Main reason to use the distribution...