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  1. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    BNIB - RacingLine/VWR Subframe Mount

    Is this still available?
  2. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    WTB 02Q Transmission

    Long story short. I want to buy a 02Q transmission for my car. New or used! PM me or comment on here. Thanks!
  3. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    I need Diff shims! Please read!!

    My car has been sitting for over a month because im trying to install my wavetrack LSD. Dealer says there on back order so where can i buy or find some shims!! I need to get my car running so i can start using to get to work! Please any1. Give me info i need them asap! Any shops in yalls area...
  4. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    In need of shims

    Does any one got any shims laying around measuring from 0.90mm-1.10mm Ive been waiting on the dealer but there on backorder. Im trying to install my LSD but cant. Ive been waiting for a month now.
  5. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    Meth System Install Help

    Im going to hook up my Snow Performance Meth system stage 2. I got all the wiring down & where im going to i stall my pump & mafu controller. But im stuck on one wire. Ima have it setup for the MAP sensor. Does any one know which wire on the MAP sensor the signal wire?? My car isnt currently...
  6. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    WTB BSH Throttle Pipe w/meth bung

    Like tittle says. I want to buy a bsh pipe with meth bung. I preffer with out the DV relocation one but if you have one for sale maybe for thr right price ill buy it.
  7. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    WTB Driver side Fender

    If any one has one laying around any color let me know im in need of one, if its united grey than thats even better. Oh & it has to be in good condition please.
  8. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    My GTI turned off when i was driving on the highway!!!

    Its a 2011 VW GTi CCTA at 70kmiles I was driving my car to go home & just out of nowhere my engine just completely died. I let it roll, i turned the key all the way off for 5sec. & i started it while i was driving & it started driving fine again. I have noticed it reving a little low. But could...
  9. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    APR Cat-Back FS

    My apr cat-back is up for sale, its still on the car, im not gona take it off until i have a buyer. Asking $800 firm. My shop is near edgebrook & college on i45 here in pasedena texas, if buyer wants to meet me at my shop i can install it on his car for an extra $50, but u have to find a way to...
  10. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    My Wheels For Sale

    Velox Flight Performance Wheels 18x8.5 Et45 73.1 Comes with lugs & hubrings. $500 firm Call or text me 832-655-4911
  11. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    Tomorrow friday 2-21-14 is my birthday!!!!

    Common, it aint that bad.
  12. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    Tomorrow friday 2-21-14 is my birthday!!!!

    Lmao!! Good one man!! But do u think that will be a good setup?
  13. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    Tomorrow friday 2-21-14 is my birthday!!!!

    Ahhh, like wat brand. I onky knw of neuspeed n forge.
  14. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    Tomorrow friday 2-21-14 is my birthday!!!!

    Im turning 22 tomorrow guys, im excited but than im not cuz im a year older once again, but cant wait cuz for my birthday ima buy me my Neuspeed Discharge Pipe, Neuspeed Charge Pipe, & my Neuspeed Front Mount Intercooler w/ stock ic delete!! Wish me good luck guys, & thanks for saying happy...
  15. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    Eds Rep LED Headlights

    I got a pair of Eds LED headlights, there black housing, they will come with the morimoto 43k HID system im using with them, they are still on my car but i can have them off within a hour.Im asking $400 for them. If i can, can i please try to keep it local. Ive never really sold & shipped stuff...
  16. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Thanks DasAuto1295, i shure will. And man i love these tires, they grip really good, rain or dry they are amazing, here also smooth & quite. I would reccomend thise bridgestones, or some continental extremecontact DWS, those are awesome tires also.
  17. Eddie Nunez Jr.

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Hello every1!! My name is Eddie & I am 21 & I drive a 2011 VW GTi 4dr 6sp. Oh & its my first time having a profile in a forum so im learning as i go. What got me into VW was when the Need For Speed Part 1 first came out, I first picked the gold and I started the game with that on ps2. Ive...