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    FS: APR Downpipe

    For sale is my APR downpipe from the TBE I split up. Catback is already sold. The exhaust has roughly 12k miles on it and sounds great. Direct fit with an aftermarket 3" catback, may require adapter for use with stock catback (around $30) from APR. $400 Local. Plus ship anywhere else in US...
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    FS: APR Turbo/Cat back exhaust.

    Exhaust is in great condition. Can be sold as either DP and Catback separately or just full turbo-back. DFQm6im91Zk Turbo-Back- $1000 Catback- $700 Dowpipe- $400 If not local, prices above+ shipping. Located in Alpharetta, GA
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    StopTech BBK For Sale

    *SOLD* and awaiting pick-up It's in great condition and the pads were replaced very recently. This is the ST40 328mm kit and includes the two 4-pot calipers, two-piece slotted rotors (lighter), Stop Tech street performance pads, and SS brake lines. $990 local. $990+ Ship anywhere else...
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    E36 M3 Project Car Build

    Like others on this forum, I am now the owner of a non-MK6 car, but liked this forum so much I decided to stick around a little bit longer ;). The car I bought on 8/17 is a 1995 BMW E36 M3 with 140k Miles. Since it's a '95 it has the OBDI 3.0L S50 engine rather than the 3.2L S52 that came in...
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    My amateur photography

    ^ #sex Needs more E36 :p Thinking about picking one up in the near future....
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    Full Performance Upgrade Package- $5,000

    *DECIDED TO PART OUT If you have a stock (or nearly) GTI and are looking to get a full upgrade and save $$ APR Stage 2 Carbonio Cold Air Intake- (SOLD) APR Stage 1 Carbonio COld Air Intake (SOLD) APR RSC Turbo-back Exhaust System (can sell as downpipe and catback separate)- For sale locally...
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    GTI Full Performance Upgrade Package- $4,500

    ***$5,000 Typo If you have a stock (or nearly) GTI and are looking to get a full upgrade and save $$ APR Stage 2 Carbonio Cold Air Intake APR RSC Turbo-back Exhaust System Stop Tech 328mm Front Slotted BBK w/ Street Performance Pads H&R Street Performance Coilovers Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit SPM...
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    Stage 2 GTI on Cherohala Skyway and Tail of the Dragon

    Exactly what the title says :). I went on a road trip with a group of 911 guys and it was loads of fun. The GTI performed admirably and managed to stay ahead of several of the 991s on the twisties. Here are a couple videos: gKZhRKeNc7E Xt9SczuWdiU Here's the video from TotD, but I was stuck...
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    If like me, you run TSW Nurburgrings (aka. Victor Innsbrucks), you might want to inspect your wheels for any cracks or fault immediately; especially if you track your car. This guy's wheel came apart at 100+ mph causing him to spin out. Fortunately he did not hit anything/anyone and is...
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    Black wheels- matte or gloss?

    I've had my rims in satin/matte black for a while now and the paint is starting to fade and the original gold finish is starting to show through. Fortunately, the paint job is still under warranty so I can get them re-finished for free. I personally enjoy to black on white look so I will not be...
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    Help with paint blemishes

    I have had these for a while now but they are increasing in number so it is time for me to do something about it. I would rather do it myself than to go third party. The "scratches" are in patches so they are not a single scratch. Probably from things rubbing against the paint. Most of them are...
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    Exhaust Drooping- Advice?

    I was looking at the back of my car and noticed that my right exhaust tip sits around 3/4 of an inch lower than my left exhaust pipe. I have an APR TBE that's been on the car for over a year. I also noticed this screw/clamp on the drooping side. It looks like its only tightened around the...
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    Saw this gem last night

    I suppose, but I believe the DS community is a LOT larger. Those cars have a growing popularity these days. I'm seeing more and more at local meets every month.
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    Saw this gem last night

    Sadly, thats also when the nitwit ricer is off works, parks next to you, and puts a nice ding in your door. One thing I learned is that there is no way to ensure the safety of your car 100% on the road :(
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    Saw this gem last night

    It's beautiful, but it's going to hurt the day the owner gets in a fender bender. Most likely took him a decade the find the car. It'll take him/her another decade to find replacement parts.
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    FS: Front + Rear GTI sway bars

    OEM stock GTI sway bars. Both in good shape (rear one came off almost the day I got the car). These are stiffer than your standard Golf/TDI bars so if you want these PM me. $60 Local pick-up in the Atlanta area. $50 + shipping anywhere in the US.
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    MK7 Design Vision GTI Concept Car

    Not MK6, but found it worthy of mention. I know it's most likely never going to go into production, but damn, what a sexy car. Exterior is a little over the top, but that interior is just plain sexy :drool: Debuting at Wörthersee.
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    8th Gen Si guys discuss the GTI

    Wow, I read a good portion of the thread and I'll admit I'm somewhat surprised. I would have expected SI drivers to flame on the GTI all day but somehow that wasnt the case (for the most part) :D I did love the post in reply to "Do GTI's come standard with a Polo Shirt with a Popped Collar ?"...
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    Anyone with a Kersche CF front lip?

    I'm looking into maybe getting one but reviews seem hard to come by. The search engine on this forum is pretty much :barf: and google didn't come up with much either. (Most of the threads are actually people selling theirs). So, anyone has one? How hard is it to fit? How bad is the clearance...
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    Cross Shoot Porsche 991s

    Went for a cross-shoot with my father's 991s. Also my first try with rolling shots. :D Enjoy Edit: I also posted these on my build thread but I figured with this many I might as well make a thread...