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  1. TheOctane

    HELP! Possible turbo failure after shop work?

    RESOLVED- Update: Problem was a disconnected intercooler pipe. TY reddit Greetings, About a month ago I took my car to an NTB to have some new tires put on for the winter. As I normally do when the car is in for any service I ask for an oil change. During the work the shop advised the...
  2. TheOctane

    Do I Have All Of The Parts I Need?

    Hey All - So long story timing chain tension crapped out and I had to spend more money and time than I care to admit to fix it :mad0259:. It has left me in a situation where it is better to just sell the car and start over :cry:. Right now my car has a full air ride setup on it...
  3. TheOctane

    Went In For An Oil Change And Clockspring Recall Now Its $1000 In Parts? ....Pls Help

    Good Morning VWers, 2011 GTI Autobahn. Only engine mods are Stage 1 from APR done by APR at H2Oi 2.5 years ago and R8 red coils I put on just after that. (Sorry for the length here. There is a TLDR and updates at the end.) _____________________________________________________________ I was...
  4. TheOctane

    Sirius - No Audio - RN315

    About a month or two ago my Sirius started acting funny. It would display the station, artist, and song like normal but wouldnt produce any volume. I could turn the car off and then on right away and it would be fine...I assume it was winter/cold related. Now it will not work...pretty much at...
  5. TheOctane

    Hunt Valley Horsepower

    Just to remind/inform everyone. There is a get together that used to be called Cars and Coffee which is now Hunt Valley Horsepower. Its a weekly gathering at the Hunt Valley Towne Center north of Baltimore City on Saturdays from 8am - 10am. This coming Saturday, June 1st, is there "Big Summer...
  6. TheOctane

    OC Cruisin' week

    Is anyone going? Its this coming weekend...not sure if im gonna go at all...might make it down for a day trip. I know its usually more of a muscle car scene which just means d-bags + redlights + cops.... Id consider it more if I knew more VAG guys were going.
  7. TheOctane

    WTB: A3 Donut/spare (Baltimore Metro Area)

    Im looking to buy a non-full sized A3 spare/donut No shipping, will meet somewhere around Baltimore Metro area PM me if interested.
  8. TheOctane

    WTB A3 Donut/spare WTS full size new 2011 GTI spare w/tire

    Im looking to buy an A3 donut spare wheel/tire...not a full size. I also have a full size brand new GTI spare with brand new tire PM me
  9. TheOctane

    To Euro, or not to Euro...that is the question.

    Hey Dubbers, I have the unfortunate luck of being rear ended last week and the GTI took a nasty hit. $4,500 in damages estimated so far (new lift gate, bumper, rear body panel, outer tails and more). I told my body shop to hold off on ordering taillights because I wanted to see if it was...