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  1. Jack Isidore

    Key fob worth anything?

    My GTI was totaled, and I told them I had the extra key at home, but they (my insurance company) said not to worry about it. If no one calls for it in a month or so, I can ditch it. DITCH IT?! These things are expensive! Anyway, does it have any resale value. I realize the only way that would...
  2. Jack Isidore

    iPod/iPhone MDI cable and hatch cover for sale

    I have available for sale if anyone needs a replacement, an iPod/iPhone MDI cable along with a hatch cover from a 2011 GTI. Both are in like-new condition off my totaled GTI. These parts were at my home and the insurance company has told me not to bother bringing them down to the salvage yard...
  3. Jack Isidore

    Wrecked GTI, total loss?

    This is pretty sad, but my 6-month old 2011 GTI was in a wreck and looks like it will be totaled. Really loved this car. What would be even sadder is if the insurance company determined it was not a total loss, and I ended up with a car in the shop for a month and a severely decreased...
  4. Jack Isidore

    Mix albums with ipod interface

    I have a 2011 gti with the touch screen radio (not navigation). I have always wanted to be able to have my ipod on mix, but when I come to a band I want to listen more to (or a different song on the album), I can turn mix off, and go back and forth between the songs of that album, then turn mix...
  5. Jack Isidore

    Another thread about rattles (rear hatch area)

    Annoying rattle coming from rear hatch area when hitting some bumps/speedbumps, but not all the time. Sounds like a rapid metallic rattle. Is not dependent on RPMs or speed (other than how that affects how a bump is negotiated). Yesterday I spent several hours disassembling the hatch trying to...
  6. Jack Isidore


    Hence why I have a jailbroken phone so I can trial cracked apps before I dish out money on crap.
  7. Jack Isidore

    Job problems

    Hah. If you want to stay with Mercedes, they'll give you a 10% raise, why leave? I'm assuming that the Honda offer being a little lower is relative to your current pay, not post-raise. I'd say 2% odds are pretty good for it not going through. Also, now you know you are qualified for that job at...
  8. Jack Isidore

    Do you smoke in your GTI?

    Used to smoke in my old car but the smell was very noticeable once you quit, which I did. I relapse often during nights of heavy drinking and after a week or two I quit again. ATM, I am off the wagon but will definitely never smoke or let anyone else smoke in my car. Smoking numbs your sense of...
  9. Jack Isidore

    Job problems

    What he said, if it's just a little more, ask Honda if they'll match it, but only if you think you'd actually go with them. I think you can haggle your salary with current company base on other offers, but going back and forth a lot might piss one or both employers off? Be sure to consider...
  10. Jack Isidore

    Whats your occupation?

    That means it's not too late to come to the light side. :) My father and brother are both EEs, I had to buck the trend and become an ME.
  11. Jack Isidore

    Whats your occupation?

    Awesome. I'm brushing up on my Solidworks skills, specifically FEA and more complex simulations (thermal, fluid). Care to recommend a free site with general video tutorials and also perhaps an active Solidworks forum for questions? Eng-tips is what I would use, but maybe you know of a better option?
  12. Jack Isidore

    Whats your occupation?

    Mechanical Engineer in the academic/defense research field. Looking to make a career shift into design or at least the private R&D sector.
  13. Jack Isidore


    Sweet, I love using the Tapatalk interface. For browsing new topics and topics I've posted to, I even prefer it to a web browser.
  14. Jack Isidore

    WTT WTB 2dr leather seats (yours) for cloth (mine)

    Looking to trade my plaid cloth seats from a 2011 GTI for your leather seats. I wanted leather, but didn't want to spend the extra $$$$ for autobahn. Maybe you wanted keyless start and audio but want the plaid? I'm willing to travel for a trade, assuming you have tools and some know how to swap...
  15. Jack Isidore

    Anyone want to trade leather seats for cloth?

    :) The cloth headrests are so awkward for me, and are causing lots of discomfort. I'm used to being able to lean back and have my entire back rest against the back rest, however no matter how I adjust these headrests, the top third of my back is pushed up off the seat. When my car is at the...
  16. Jack Isidore

    Cell Phones

    I couldn't agree more. I would add that people that find their self worth and identify themselves by their phone are pretty pitiful too, and they aren't much better in real life. Having said that :), I love my Iphone 4. I think they solved pretty much all the complaints I had with the 3G...
  17. Jack Isidore

    MEDIA IN: Device not functional

    This morning I was trying to skip to the previous track, and this message, "MEDIA IN: Device not functional" popped up. My ipod Classic looked fine, it had MEDIA IN on the screen and the artist on the bottom and said OK to disconnect. I tried switching to radio and back to media in, but it...
  18. Jack Isidore

    Cell Phones

    I dropped an iPhone 3G in the lake. Went to a DroidX and hated it. Too big, buggy OS (more than the at the time buggy iOS), and although more free stuff, app store was lacking. I ended up dropping it for an old dumbphone and eventually got an iPhone 4 I immediately jailbroke. Apple had a pending...
  19. Jack Isidore

    Getting Formula 1 Pinnacle installed

    As I type this, Formula One Pinnacle 30% side windows (2 door) and 15% on the rear hatch is being installed on my brand new 2011 CSG GTI. I can actually see them working on the rear hatch. I was surprised to see them applying the tint to the outside of the rear hatch, although I think they are...
  20. Jack Isidore

    UV protection for exterior plastic

    In the past, all my car's exterior black plastic parts haven't fared well in the unrelenting Texas sun. The worst part is that once the UV damage is done, there is no reversing it, just disguising it. I don't want to repeat my mistakes with my brand new GTI. My A4 I just sold had pink seat belt...