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  1. The Fed

    OK,Who Felt the Quake? Any Damage?

    My relative's house shook - they're about 50 miles from the epicenter. No damage but it scared the hell out of their kitten.
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    Porsche Cars North America to sue Singer

    At least they're not coming after customers.
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    Porsche Cars North America to sue Singer

    Looks like enough to me, perhaps more than other mod shops. Here's what Hennessey's website shows. Never heard of them being sued. I guess if APR puts their sticker on your car, VAG would sue you if they could?
  4. The Fed

    VAG Cut the Balls Off the 2024 S3

    My bad, it's the RS.
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    Runaway Concrete Saw Blade

    Watch: Oregon man narrowly escapes death by runaway saw blade (
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    Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing

    The war is for the benefit of defense contractors. If the US were serious, it would have given Ukraine the "good stuff" earlier. I worked through every "conflict", from VN to the Med. I never saw where the US benefitted. We never got any oil from any Med country we helped. We used to bet on...
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    Old Laptop RAM Issue

    I made the mistake of buying a laptop with only 4GB RAM a couple of years ago because it was only $300. I'm checking now, but I think it has Intel and WIN11 Pro. It seems it was designed for networking and nothing else. It barely runs and is so slow it locks up after opening a tab or two. I...
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    VAG Cut the Balls Off the 2024 S3

    Only rated at 306HP? Wasn't it 401 before? Doesn't seem like the aux radiators can get much airflow. I do like the black tailpipe finishers.
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    Keep an Eye on the New EV Rules

    You'll need to time the purchase of a new gas vehicle in the future to get one at a decent price. You know the fewer gas vehicles, the more they'll cost, especially anything with a hint of performance. Even at only 30% saturation, they'll need at least as many gas stations as charging...
  10. The Fed

    2024/25 Dodge Daytona

    Look at the innovations they are working on; AWD with selectable FWD defeat, 550HP TT inline 3.0 6-ICE or 720HP EV. Why can't VAG do stuff like this?
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    2020 Mk8 Golf 1.5 TSI Life 130ps modding suggestions

    Faster? That's a very subjective term? What is your definition or goals? You're in the UK? Can you pass MOT with engine and exhaust mods? Which ones? What do they check for emissions and the visual. Look on the web for performance calculators. You'll find ones where you input vehicle...
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    Little Car is Fast
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    EVs or This?

    I grew up in a big city (unfortunately). I could not get my own insurance (too young) and needed to be on my mother's policy. There were sooo many cars I wanted to buy, but GEICO refused to insure them. All of the cars used. A '66 Chevelle 396. Not a Super Sport, just a plain Malibu, with...
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    YEAH, ICE!
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    EVs or This?

    I emailed them and they don't offer an automatic setup. Strange, since Carroll Shelby himself drove automatic Cobras. I found a website that lists used Cobras. There was one or two but they weren't ones I would consider. Completely off subject, my brother took me with him to pick up his new...
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    Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing

    Hmm, my ancestors fought ancestors of Ukrainians for their lives, and I fought Russia from my desk during the Cold War. Seems to me I cannot support either side, because only some of the Cossacks were Russian. So, it's not that cut and dried for me. I was never told by my family elders any of...
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    Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing

    Where did you find your memes, they're good?
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    EVs or This?

    I have a friend with a kit 427 Cobra with a 427 Chevy. He easily outran and outcornered me. I was going to buy it, but I would have needed to convert it to automatic and have a convertible top fabricated and HVAC installed. If his price was a little better, I would have. Great summer...
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    EVs or This?
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    Dead Teslas

    My in-laws live where it's been -47 degrees F. I was there one time it was. At the time, the only shopping was at least 25 miles away. Even now, I wouldn't drive one there in the winter. About the rentals, I forgot that Hertz bought 100,000 Model 3's. You can now buy them used from one of...