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    Security Certificate Expired

    ah ok, i've always had it wrong then :P
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    Security Certificate Expired

    you sure? i was always under the impression that if a bound cert was expired then it had no benefits and was essentially running http vs https
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    Security Certificate Expired

    exactly it just means the data transmitted across the site is not protected. however if the website was compromised or there was a man in the middle attack, a hacker could get your login credentials when trying to login to an unsecure website or site with an expired cert. but then again i never...
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Economy So Strong That eBay Hard Up For Business

    why do you guys feed this brainwashed troll
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    Whats your occupation?

    senior frosting swirler at Cinnabon
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    WTB: VWR Springs

    got em
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    (4) 225/40R18 Pirelli P Zero Nero Ultra High Performance All Season Tires SOCAL ONLY

    Basically brand new tires asking $425 As of 4/29/2013 these only have 300 miles on them. They came on my brand new GTI. Size is 225/40R18
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    Anyone know Nov lease rates on 2012 GTI's

    Any active sales people on here that could help me? Looking to see what the lease rates for left over 2012 GTI's are. Any help would be appreciated :thumbsup:
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    FS: Stock GTI Suspension & Springs - 6k miles only - socal only

    SOLD Looking to sell my stock suspension off my mk6. it had 6k miles on it before it was removed. i'm in orange county and looking for a local sale since its too heavy to ship $100 OBO