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    FS: Black CCW LM20's Staggered w/ Michelin PS A/S3

    For sale: CCW LM20's 3-piece wheels Specs: 18x8.5 et42, 18x9.5 et32, 5x112, 57.1. - Black lips & faces - Gold plated hardware - Chrome Center Caps - Reverse Mounted - BBK friendly No curb rash, no major scratch. 9/10. Set has 8000km (5000mi) on it. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3...
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    FT: MK7 Austin wheels for Talladegas

    I'd like to trade my set of barely used MK7 GTI wheels one for one against Golf R Talladega wheels. I'm in Canada, Montreal area. Hit me up pics for reference 2014Vacay__009 by AllSystemsGo_, on Flickr 2014Vacay__013 by AllSystemsGo_, on Flickr
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    Mk7 GTI to Mk8 R

    I read in a similar thread on Vortex.... 'Feels like I just bought an iPhone, not a car'. It's true! We just got the product and we're already talking about the next one. The MK8 is easily 5 or 6 years in the future. A bit early to speculate IMO. But yeah, who am I to judge
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    Mk7 GTI to Mk8 R

    For fuck's sake people, stop thinking so far ahead. It literally JUST got here.:confused:
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    WTB: Your OEM 16 inch wheels

    Looking to buy oem VW or Audi 16 inch wheels for snow season. Not looking for tires except if they're winter tires in decent shape. Will also consider 17" wheels at dirt cheap prices. I'm located in Canada but will provide a US shipping address.
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    BAU 2015 GTI Build Thread

    Hi all, name's Jay. I recently parted ways with my 2011 Golf... It was a sad moment for me since it was my first self-owned car. I did sell it to a member of my family though, so I still get to see it often! :D Here is the replacement: 2014Vacay__020 by AllSystemsGo_, on Flickr I absolutely...
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    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    My Golf 2.5. Just sold it last week, picking up my MK7 GTI next wednesday. 080614__022 by AllSystemsGo_, on Flickr 080614__019 by AllSystemsGo_, on Flickr
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    unOfficial Montreal/QC Chat Thread

    Every major city has one. Why don't we? I'm sure we are enough from Montreal to get this thing going. Anyone has a VAGCOM in the area that would be willing to help diagnose a CEL? I'll bring over the beer :)
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    CEL on my 2.5. What could be wrong?

    So, my Check engine light has popped up during regular day-to-day driving. I wasn't pushing the car hard at all, but it was rainy outside. Nothing is wrong with the driving, car acts fine, no weird noise and the engine isn't overheating. Today's Sunday so I can't take it to any shop. Just...
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    Article: Cars strong & weak against rust-corrosion

    Found this article on mildly interesting. They built a top 10 of consumer cars that are excellent against rust and corrosion, and another top 10 of cars weak against rust. Here it is: Thought it was interesting to see VW vehicles at No.2. Also, it's not surprising to see the Mazda...
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    Living out of province - Help!

    Hi there, I have a question regarding my plates, insurance, etc. I'm a young professional, from Quebec, but I have found a job in Toronto. I will probably living in Vaughan or Woodbridge for a little while. The thing is, I still am not sure where I'll be in 4 months. Since I got quite a...
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    Whats the best AWD car

    I don't get the point of this thread... I mean... The amount of cars that are AWD is so big, people are comparing Lambos to Subbies.
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    Photos from Eurokracy 2013 (pic heavy)

    Anyone on here went? I did and I had a blast. If you did go and took some pics, share them here :) I snapped quite a bunch of pictures, but here are my favorite. Jay_024 by AllSystemsGo_, on Flickr Jay_012 by AllSystemsGo_, on Flickr Jay_014 by AllSystemsGo_, on Flickr Jay_015 by...
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    Wheel change -- How retarded am I?

    Alright so first off I have to say I know sweet nothing about mechanic related stuff. I've never done a wheel change by myself... sadly :iono: But this should be straight forward right? I picked up a decent jack for the car... Some basic Michelin Hydraulic Trolley jack. So today I started to...
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    I want an S3 now...

    This thing is such a beauty :wub:
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    Golf 7 technical highlights..

    Not really on subject but.. that SEAT interior is gorgeous :wub:
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    Moving to Toronto... insurance rates?

    Hi, chances are that I am going back to school this winter. I currently live in Gatineau (Quebec side of Ottawa) and I would be moving to Toronto, somewhere around North York since that is where the school is. I am currently examining the financial possibility of keeping my car in Gatineau...
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    Looking for a nice in expensive camera

    If you decide to go DSLR (which I really suggest) I'd check out the Canon T2i. Really good bang for the buck. It's more expensive than 250 though...