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  1. iBalushi

    Urgent - need help with my TT 2.0t engine?!!

    I rechecked it and removed the engine cover (The engine cover front clips broke, not sure if the same reason or an old one). The top oil cylinder part fell of along with the rubber under it. I can however close the engine oil area with the oil cap itself and it fits perfectly (instead of...
  2. iBalushi

    Urgent - need help with my TT 2.0t engine?!!

    Today while driving back home my car started jerking at low speeds, as soon as I reached home the jerking was way more obvious, and the engine seemed to "cough" with it. I opened the engine and it was shaking horribly and I found this: I can hear oil dripping but no signs appear under the car...
  3. iBalushi

    New Lexus IS, and its new emotional philosophy

    The front looks like a deformed Audi front.
  4. iBalushi

    2013 SRT Viper GTS vs 2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

    I am not a great fan of American cars. But this is one of the best looking Mustangs :thumbsup: And, am I the only one who sees the new Viper and Corvette look alike as well as a Ferrari :confused:
  5. iBalushi

    Scirocco instead of gti in the US

    Well living in an area with both cars; at first I loved it, but then I loved the Golf GTI. If it was between the two I'll pick the GTI. The Scirocco ass and taillights look weird. And looks like a Teenage VW, not sure what it is itself. BUT Everyday I see one, I appreciate the eye candy. My...
  6. iBalushi


    The Touareg shares its platform with the Q7 and Cayenne. The Q5 shares its platform with Tiguan. IMO the new Touareg is just gorgeous. If I ever get an SUV, it will be this. TDI ofc, but they don't sell them in Middle-East so the Petrol companies don't lose :mad:
  7. iBalushi

    for you a3 guys

    Never gets old :laugh: "Saudi's put hose to the ground"
  8. iBalushi

    terrorist capital one server attacked

    I didn't click the link as soon as I read www.FOXbusiness.. . Really? Fox? It is like opening "RT-Russia Today" and look for news how the US/EU are doing good economically and strategically. As an arab Muslim, some thoughts about us from the internet are terrifyingly hilarious. It feels like...
  9. iBalushi

    What is your dreamcar?

    Track car: Personal/Weekend car: Family/Everyday car: Yep, not very expensive :lol:
  10. iBalushi

    Jaguar F-Type leaked

    I want to have babies with this car <3 btw.. looks like the SLS from front?
  11. iBalushi

    Kids or No Kids?

    Well, you need someone to continue your legacy right?
  12. iBalushi

    Rocket Attacks at U.S. Embassy Discussion

    Why disagree? I don't mean 100% percent though, I mean mostly. 9/11 for example. Personally the day it happened, we all thought it was the Japanese. Then some guy with a beared (mind you the first time we see him) says he is doing it for "Islam". He promises to kill the "Infidels" and get rid...
  13. iBalushi

    Rocket Attacks at U.S. Embassy Discussion

    I am a Muslim and I am against those attacks. Sure there is "a game" going for it to be released on 9/11 and anger the muslims. But demonstrating in a violent way is stuiped. I usually ignore the things I hate and not waste time knowing what it is about. There is no religous war; it's all...
  14. iBalushi


    Me too! My iPhone 4 Home is very sluggish and dosen't work well. Plus my rear glass is broken. My iPhone is perfect for now, jailbroken and stuff. I (might) buy iPhone5 when iPhone5S is released. Probably exterior fix my iPhone4.
  15. iBalushi

    The Picture Game #2

    5282.. What kind of planes are those above and which country?
  16. iBalushi

    Jeremy Clarkson reviewing MK6 Jetta in 30 seg.

    How does a machine operating in Mexico differs from a machine that operates in Germany??
  17. iBalushi

    Will you trade your GTI for This?

    :clap: To OP: If I was not living in a city and had the money, a Touareg TDI will be awesome. Best looking SUV IMO.
  18. iBalushi

    dirt cheap healthy lunches for work

    NUTELLA Need I say more?
  19. iBalushi

    Dashcam, Anyone have? What do you use?

    I've seen one a few years ago that automatically records 24/7, once the capacity is full it records over the oldest data. Can't remember it now though. But search for dash-cam security cameras. Other than that, you have to stick with GoPro :P
  20. iBalushi

    Mercedes A45 AMG

    .. but the question is how expensive it will be?