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    cool iPhone screen protector.

    You put LaminX on your license plate lights?
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    FS: Fully Polished 3-piece Autostrada Modena, 5x112 redrilled, 17x8 et38, 17x9 et39
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    2010 2 door CW manual bagged GTI

    I'm on Vortex way more than here, so if you want to message me do so there.
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    Fallen Dubber in Iowa

    Ah damn, sad to hear.
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    What song is in your head, RIGHT NOW

    Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand a Chance
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    Eurojet exhaust on air suspension?

    I searched through some threads for this topic, but I couldn't find it. Is anyone running the Eurojet TBE and on air ride? Is the muffler on the Eurojet bigger than the one on the APR TBE? I just don't want a big suitcase that I can't air out completely with. Eurojet also offers a catless...
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    Window crack

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    Window crack

    Is that you in the avatar?
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    FS/FT: *Rare* Autostrada Modena 17x8 et 36 17x9 et 38

    $1900 5x114.3, will work with wobble bolts. Asking what I paid for these wheels a couple of months ago. They have just been sitting on the carpet in my room since I bought them; they haven't seen any time on a car. Three piece wheels. One wheel is split, and when it was...
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    2003 Audi RS6 with 70k on the clock

    If there was a brand new tranny in it do you think it'd still be a sketchy thing?
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    2003 Audi RS6 with 70k on the clock

    My main concern would be the reliability of something like that. Do you guys think it would hold up? Or would I be spending thousands every year in maintenance?
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    2003 Audi RS6 with 70k on the clock

    Yeah the RS6 is a twin turbo V8, and I personally think they look amazing.
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    2003 Audi RS6 with 70k on the clock

    He's asking 24.5, but I wouldn't bite for over 22k.
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    2003 Audi RS6 with 70k on the clock

    Prices range from 21-30k from what I'm seeing. The one in question is this one...
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    2003 Audi RS6 with 70k on the clock

    My GTI is not my daily. I've had it since July 2010, and I have just over 11k on it, so I don't really drive it much. I just want to see some opinions. What do you guys think about getting a 2003 Audi RS6 with 70k on the clock. It has a brand new tranny in it, put in at a RS certified Audi...
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    FS: Both BNIB: Badgeless grill, Ed's Rep lights

    Ok, as the title says, I have two items up for sale, both are brand new, still in box, never put on a car. I have a badgeless grill with chrome striping and the GTI logo, and I have SOLD the chrome lights for halogen guys who want xenon. I'll take $140 shipped for the grill. PM would be...
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    I'm questioning my sanity LOL

    Dude, the trick is to not say you're spending it on the GTI. "Honey, I'd like to have a smaller, more intimate wedding with close friends and family" sounds much better than "honey, I think we should cut down on the wedding so I can spend money on my fancy car." Gotta phrase that shit bro.
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    Kony 2012

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    girlfriend is turning 21 soon. Need help planning!

    How about you take your friends, her friends, and her out to the bars. Everyone pitches in for drinks, and she's having a fun and safe birthday. There's no reason at all to spend the kind of coin you're talking about. Just go out and have fun. I know lots of girls that would be pretty...
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    How old is everyone

    24 here, and I'll be 25 in a little under a month. This is my second VW, the other was a '99 Jetta Wolfsburg, which I still have.