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    FS - 2013 VW GTI - $10k

    Selling my 2013 VW GTI - 114,500 miles, manual transmission - Diesel Geek short throw shifter, Raceseng shift knob, Audi R8 coil packs, PCV valve just changed, Grey with plaid interior, 4 door, rear wiper delete - $10k - located in Houston
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    FS - MK6 Cobb Accessport

    Cobb for sale, MK6 - $550 shipped
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    Engine replacement cost

    I bought it used and I’m starting to see some issues pop up that make me think it wasn’t taken care of real well. I’m not sure if it was overheated before or not. And I feel like for an extra $1k I won’t have to worry about it or any other potential problems hanging around.
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    Engine replacement cost

    He said he didn’t think it was worth it to do just that due to the cost. He thought he could do both for around $1500’ish. He had to check prices in the fans. But for $1500 more I get a whole engine. Hard not to think that is the better choice.
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    Engine replacement cost

    It’s a different mechanic. The one quoting the swap is a mobile mechanic who has been coming to my house for years working on our other cars. He will install it for $500 so $3k for rebuilt and installed. Vs $2 for hoping there isn’t more damage down the line.
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    Engine replacement cost

    What is a fair price to replace a GTI engine ? I’m being told $2k to replace both cooling fans and water pump. I think I can get a rebuilt engine for $2500 plus install. Really considering replacing the whole engine. Thoughts ?
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    Coolant leak and check engine lights

    I have had a coolant leak for about a week now and the check engine light just came on. Took it to the shop and Im being told there is a cooling fan circuit code, knock sensor code and a intake manifold control code, need to replace both cooling fans, water pump and flush the cooling system and...
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    FS: APR intake, Catless DP, Spulen Turbo MD & TOP and more....

    APR Intake Gen 2 - $200 DP-$75 How much with shipping to 77049 ?
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    Shift Knob

    No worries, thanks anyways. Im hoping gorilla glue does the trick
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    Shift Knob

    are you selling just the knob or the whole assembly? I broke the assembly trying to swap out my shift boot
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Economy So Strong That eBay Hard Up For Business

    Maybe this is a secret plan to make SS benefits still available for the rest of us. If we wipe out everyone sucking it dry then we will still have something in there, its genius....I mean horrible how could they do that.
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    Mk6 GTI Accessport & Accesstuner Updates - New OTS Maps, New Tables, New Monitors

    New to tuning and turbos so hopefully this isnt an idiotic question. I was looking into what all to monitor as far as gauges and i see several people talking about DAM, Fine Knock Learn and Feedback Knock but I dont see them as an option. Are they under different names or am I just doing...
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    Hit a metal floor cover

    It really depends on where it hit under your car. When i had my mustang there was a car door laying in the middle of the road and i hit it doing 80 and it stuck under my car. I had to have a tow truck lift me up so we could get it out. Aside from a few scratches it didnt do any damage at all.
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    Shift boot replacement

    I thought about check Ebay but I never really know how the fit is. They will always say its a fit but who really knows till after you invest time and money to find out. I was tempted to glue back the snap-ring and then glue the suede to the edge of it and trim off everything else and see if it...
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    Shift boot replacement

    Well fudge. Thats what i found also. Im sure they do that just to sell you more $ worth of product. Not worth their time to sell you something for a few dollars. I think Im going to try to glue it back together and see how well it holds. If it seems sturdy enough i may try and glue the boot...
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    Shift boot replacement

    So I ordered a universal suede shift boot for my MK6 and the material seems too thick to make it work since the space between the bezel and plastic holdy ring thing is so tight. Aside from gluing it on the inside of it Im not sure how to make it fit. And trying to make it fit i broke the...
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Economy So Strong That eBay Hard Up For Business

    And you can bake them and stuff them with bar-b-q or chopped steak and cover them with sauce......🤤
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Economy So Strong That eBay Hard Up For Business

    JB4 is for noobs who dont know any better...
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Economy So Strong That eBay Hard Up For Business about those 2 storms in the gulf at one time and the asteroid headed our way right before election day.