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    Need some spacer and tire size help

    I got wheels that are 18x8 et 50. I don't want to rub but I'm at 24.25ftg, lowest on Konis. Should I go with 215/40/18 or 225/40/18? And what about spacers? Is a 8mm front and 10mm back with 3 degrees neg camber help? Thanks guys. Appreciate the help.
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    Stud conversion ???

    I want to do a stud conversion on 5x112 wheel with m14 holes. Can I still do a m14-m12 conversion? Would the lug be seated right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How can I tell if my cars running lean?

    Anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Knocking noise with koni coils

    Sup guys. I just got koni coils put on and I got a noise in the passenger rear. It's a knocking noise at low speeds. I raised my car up and checked it out This part is loose, I can wiggle it with my hand on the spring. I'm a noob to suspension. What's the fix? Also should I be able to rotate...
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    where is diverter valve

    anyone have a pic? where is it located? sorry im new to turbo cars, lost boost last night and want to check if its a busted dv
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    Penny stocks

    anyone of you guys ever hear about these? is it a scam, one of my friends said he made a few grand off investing in several companies. anyone have any experience wit these
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    manual shifter in a dsg

    ok i know this is weird but the 6sp shifter is so much cleaner and better looking than the dsg one. is it possible to buy a 6sp shifter and attache it to a dsg car? i just like the cleaner look of the 6sp and im the only one that drives it so i know its a dsg and not a 6sp. plus only 2 pedals
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    Off-Topic Chat

    PS3 ftw
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    How much are you willing to spend on wheels alone for your car?

    how much have you, or are willing to spend on wheels? just curious because my limit is 3k for wheels alone. i like forged :) it can be new or used this is WITHOUT tires. just wheels alone.
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    BBS LM's or CCW LM20's

    CCW LM20 BBS LM what are your thoughts?
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    Best shift points?

    im looking at a bunch of dyno graphs and peak for most is around 5.5k/6k. is this the best shift point? to get the fastest time whens the best time to shift (rpm wise)? i am apr k04.
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    get your facts straight man

    6lZwdCNNLBc great looking car, one comment he makes is false. fast forward to 2:00. sorry if this is a member on here. :lol: either bs or his dealer is super mod friendly...
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    help picking new wheels

    under 2k. used or new. prefer genuine wheels, maybe good quality reps if it comes down to it looking at used bbs ch-r's really want rs-gt's but thats like impossible haha oh and 18 in
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    Vanity plate suggestion

    getting an nc state plate to represent my alum Sxxxx what should the x's be lets see some creativity SEEYA was taken
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    coilover owners

    how often do ytou adjust your height? looking to get coils but im not sure. maybe spring and struts will be better for me. im not tracking, just spritited driving want less than or equal to 25, 24.5 ftg
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    Off-Topic Chat

    clean that filter
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    from S to D

    was driving spirited last night and i forgot it was in S. around 5000 rpm i pushed it up, thinking i was in M mode, but instead i pushed it up to D. the car jerked suddendly. and upshifted 2 gears. is this ok?
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    great seller easy to work wit. thanks bro
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    K04 owners that have been dyno'd

    post your setup, and your numbers. tryin to get a look at what numbers i can get with what mods.