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    Best wife/gf quotes about cars

    "You can't possibly buy another car, the garage is full!" "Hun, there's still tons of space in the yard." And of course the Jeff Foxworthy classic: "Come move this transmission so I can take a bath." Which, like it or not, has probably been muttered by a woman in my family tree at least once.
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    Scion FR-S Concept Revealed

    Take a deep breath, it's the internet.
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    Scion FR-S Concept Revealed

    Hey man, post away. I'm always down for BSing about some concepts. But kinda blew my excited wad over this thing like a year and a half ago.
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    Scion FR-S Concept Revealed

    I'm not buying that either.
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    Scion FR-S Concept Revealed

    It's all the same vaporware to me. It's been like 2 frickin' years now.
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    Scion FR-S Concept Revealed

    Toyota IS still fucking around. They've been a non-stop cock-tease with this thing for so long I've about lost interest. I'll believe it when I see one on a dealer's lot. In the meantime...
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    Between 7am-8am this site is unresponsive!

    I had this issue yesterday (Sunday) around that time with this site and as well. I figured there was server maintenance being done.
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    2.0T vs 2.5

    I had a 2.5L MkV Rabbit for a day as a loaner and was disappointed to the core. Torque was okay, but it seemed to run out of steam. And the mileage was a real let down. I get better from my 2.0T. Less power AND less mileage? Meh, I think I'd rather have a Corolla.
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    The new EOS

    Guy at work (yeah, I said guy) has one. Followed him out of the lot the other day. I think it's cool as hell that you can get the roof that far open w/o actually retracting it. He had it open until we got to the super slab, then nudged it shut, probably to switch to AC. Very cool.