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    Big brakes that fit mark 6 GTI's

    I thought its time to make a new post on big brake kits or big brakes that are a straight fit . Audi RS tt. Audi RS4 Audi RS6 Passat R36 these are straight fit these I'm not shore about Audi S5 i really don't know why they don't fit when they come from the same family Porsche...
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    Coilovers question

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    Brakes upgrade

    Does anyone know if golf R rear discs and calipers are a straight fit for our mk6 gti ??? I'm getting apr stage 2 brembo brakes and discs for the front but they don't do rears so i'm thinking about fitting golf r rear brakes and getting them painted red!!!!
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    Tyre pressure on fuel cap Golf R ???

    Hi all Golf R owners i'm just wondering if any one can please take a photo of inside of fuel cap where it describes tyres size for the 18 inch and 19 inch wheels and must important PSI on it .
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    (Depress clutch be4 start) Removal ???

    As the title says on manual gear box. Has anyone found this annoying that you have to Depress the clutch to start the car ? Especially in the morning be4 you go to work all you want to do is start the car and let it warm up! but instead you have to jump in the car depress the clutch then start...
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    VW Motor oil

    Since everyone wants to do there first oil change on there GTI Let's clear some things up on what brand we should use ! And why has Volkswagen given the contract to Castrol and chosen them as the oil of choice ! what do they know that we don't Does everyone have Castrol on there oil cap as...
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    Need some help tyre size on 20inch

    Hi guy's i need some help quick as im getting these wheels this week and stuck for size!! Rims are 20inch by 8.5 wide im thinking 225/30/20 but have been told to run 245/30/20??? i'm thinking a safe fit would be 215/25/20. Has anyone does this be4? The car is mark 6 GTI .
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    Switching off ESP

    Does anyone know how to switch of ESP???:paddle:
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    How to turn on digital clock on the touch screen

    Does any one know how to turn on the digital clock on the center touch screen when the system is off. so instead of having a black blank screen you get the clock ??? . Car is 2010 GTI :iono:
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    High Speed AWD power slides from GTI

    hTC Design The HTC Evo 4G is a beast of a phone, measuring at 4.8-inches tall, 2.6-inches wide, and half an inch thick. By the numbers, the dimensional measurements are only marginally bigger than the iPhone 3GS, but the visual and tangible differences are substantial. While the comparatively...
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    QLD Brisbane meeting and little cruise

    [[I]Ok Date is set then 30/jan/2010 Meeting point The Oxley Hotel they have a huge car park there, Cnr Ipswich and Oxley Roads, Oxley 4076, Time 8:30am will wait around till 9:30am chat about cars. Then we drive together to Queensland race way to get ready , Racing starts at 11:30am so if we...