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    HVAC companies are becoming near scammers rant

    Yep, I hate them. There's a company called, "Rodenheiser" here in Massachusetts and it's a big scam. They put a lot of money into marketing so people feel like they are a decent company to go with but every time...the solution is..."Replace the entire HVAC system". My response, "Oh, ok, bye"...
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    Mk6 GTI Aftermarket Parts... Cleaning out after blowing engine

    Send you a message regarding bundling items and shipping.
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    Brake Pad Wear Light on ***Need assistance diagnosing issue***

    I have a brake pad wear warning on but all of the pads have plenty of life left since I just changed them last year. I took a look at the brake pad sensor (from the brake pad) and then the harness (from the vehicle) and it looks like the connection is poor...the harness looks like it's damaged...
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    Sunroof issues

    Yes, I actually found a little plastic piece that somehow got in the rails and was causing the sunroof not to close. I did take the time to clean the rails and also grease it. Working perfectly now.
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    Sunroof issues

    I'm having the same issue I had last year with my sunroof where it would get to 80% close but then stop and open again. I cleaned the rails and luckily it closed. I was too scared to open the sunroof during this past winter so I waited until this spring to try it again and it was working up...
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    Brake wear sensors

    Is it as simple as matching colored wires? Anyone have pics of this?
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    Poor mileage

    I had the same problem and then realized I loved hearing my CAI hiss so I just jam my foot down on the pedal and shift like a mad man.
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    Sunroof won't close on its own. How to manually close?

    I was about to punch a hole through my wall because of this sunroof not closing issue but I cleaned the track like you did and applied some garage door opener lubricant (that's all I had) and turned the knob 1/4 close, open, 1/2 close, open, 3/4 close, open, 1/2 close, open, 3/4 close, open...
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    Mk6 gti parts

    Where are you located?
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    (2010 Gti) P2196 and P2096 o2 sensor too rich / too lean

    Could be a bad MAF sensor. I think I had the P2096 when my MAF sensor went bad or needed cleaning. You can buy one of those MAF cleaner sprays for a cheap possible solution.
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    Snow tire setup for sale

    How much are you letting them go for?
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    Lots of parts for sale!!!!

    Are you parting out the car as well?
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    Feeler/FS: 2013 CSG Golf R 4dr Boston Area

    Another option is that we could try to work out a trade for my 2014 GTI + cash :)
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    do I need a new turbo? Code P0299

    So that included the diagnosis, parts (new or used turbo?) and installation correct? I am wondering how tough of an install this is and if I could do this on my own with the help of my father who is very mechanically savvy. I'll have to do some youtubing.
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    do I need a new turbo? Code P0299

    Do you mind sharing your total costs (parts & labor)?
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    do I need a new turbo? Code P0299

    I have the same code but have not taken any steps yet to resolve. The car feels fine in normal driving and I have not found any posts or articles that state that you have to replace the turbo right away. Does anyone know if this causes a long term issue to the engine overall if we do not replace...
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    Recommended Boston Area VW Repair Shops

    I definitely don't want to spend more than a couple thousand so if they came back stating something over $2,000, I probably would not move forward right now. Thanks again for the recommendation. I will give them a call.
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    Recommended Boston Area VW Repair Shops

    Thanks @tdream1 Can you tell me what you utilized them for? Any idea how much it would cost to diagnose the problem and then replace a turbo? Trying to determine if I even want to move forward with fixing it or to just live with it. I am guessing $2-3,000 for a new turbo and then the cost of...
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    Recommended Boston Area VW Repair Shops

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of a trustworthy VW repair shop in the Metrowest area? I have been dealing with the dreaded P0299 turbo underboost issue for some time now. It coincidentally started happening a few months after I installed my CAI but I checked the connections and...