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  1. RaV$

    Parts For Sale

    Just sold the car. parts are just taking up space. Not including shipping. Location Rochester NY SPM Street Mid Pipe - $125.00 Stock, Springs, Shocks, Struts - $125.00 Forge Spacer - Sold Stock Full Exhaust - $200.00 Stock Intercooler - $30.00 Injen Intake - Sold MAF Sensor - $75.00
  2. RaV$

    2011 Gti Stage 2

    2011 Candy White Gti for sale.
  3. RaV$

    Winter storage

    I am storing the gti in my garage for the winter. I want to buy a battery tender I don't no much about them any input would be great. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  4. RaV$

    WTB Side Skirts

    looking for a pair of after market side skirts. (ed's, golf R, mk5 rabbit etc..) if already painted candy white is preferred but open to anything! Also looking for front lip.
  5. RaV$

    Side Skirts?

    So i have read a few threads on different side skirts, Im pulling the trigger soon. I really like the golf R side skirts i just cant justify spending the money. i have seen other member's using the mk5 rabbit side skirts to fit?(link below) looking for other options advice would be great...
  6. RaV$

    Code P0101

    i just had this code pop up today p0101 mass or volume air flow a circuit range/performance. i just installed the uni intake i tried messing with everything i cant figure it out. anyone else have this problem? any input would be great.
  7. RaV$

    catalytic converter light on

    my light keeps going off and on. i do have a high flow cat (SPM), and a spacer for the 02 sensor. it didn't start happening until i re flashed APR stage 2.
  8. RaV$

    cherry Led Tail lights

    I have a 2011 gti I'm in the market for taillights. I have been doing some research basically what cherry led are just plug and play. Any feedback would be great!
  9. RaV$

    Start up problem

    Okay where to begin I have a 2011 gti I have about 30'xxx miles on it. Full bolt on stage 2. Recently after I got the tune I have been having start up problems. I changed to r8 coil pack and new spark plugs. Car started miss firing. Changed back to old spark plugs now the car sounds like it...
  10. RaV$

    Squeaking/Whistling Noise

    the other day i installed my APR IC, and went stage 2. everything was fine. Now every time i step on the gas let off i hear a squeaking/ whistling noise its right after i let off the gas. also happens if i down shift in 2nd or 3rd. is this my clutch? anyone know?
  11. RaV$

    Privat kup wheels

    My buddy wants to sell me is privat kup wheels they are 18x8.5 et 36 and 9.5 et 30 l.but I'm not sure if the backs will fit without stretching the tires I have a 2011 gti anyone know?
  12. RaV$

    What exhaust should I get??

    I just bought my gti and I'm looking for an exhaust that's not too loud but still has a good sound any ideas?