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  1. CHerna

    2012 GTI 2 Door, Manual, 74K Miles

  2. CHerna

    FS: Eurojet 3" Catless Downpipe

  3. CHerna

    FS: Bold-Sport Chrome Trim Euro switch w/ Auto Function

  4. CHerna

    FS: Eurojet 3" Catless TBE

    FS: Eurojet 3" Catless Downpipe SOLD
  5. CHerna

    FS: Cobb Accessport

  6. CHerna

    Aerofabb front splitter

    It looks like we will have another option for a front splitter. The MK7 guys seem to love Aerofabb's stuff. Check it out.
  7. CHerna

    This forum is almost dead

    I'm alive. Who killed the forum?
  8. CHerna

    GTI Carbon Fiber spoiler extension

    Up for sale a brand new in box eBay carbon fiber spoiler extension. Never installed, never mounted. These do not come with 2-way tape. $100 shipped
  9. CHerna

    How are you posting pics to the forum?

    I use ImgBB. Easy, and free.
  10. CHerna

    Car buying bug....

    From your listed options, my vote goes to the Chevy SS, all day! I am an LS fan myself. Although you might miss the VW interior quality.
  11. CHerna

    Trump's false teeth

    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: please be a troll
  12. CHerna

    Parking my GTI

    My parking priority 1. Parking spots that are on a corner, edge or next to an island - which give me room to park on the brink of the spot to leave me as far from the other car as possible. With a car on only one side, you reduce door dings by 50% already. 2. Far away, back of the lot 3. Next...
  13. CHerna


    I thought I would be in the minority with a harbor freight jack. Yeah, that little bastard has been good to me.
  14. CHerna

    Trump's false teeth

  15. CHerna

    VXTuning Headlights - Possible new option for the MK6

    Hello everyone, I've been following VXTuning on IG since I had my MK4. VXTuning is popular for making headlight housings for the MK4, and a few other VW's here and there. Their MK4 assemblies have nice options, and look to be quality products. If you look through their IG, you will see many...
  16. CHerna

    Trump's false teeth

    putin must be loving that
  17. CHerna

    What wheels are these??

    For once I am stumped. Looks like a modular (multi piece) wheel for sure.
  18. CHerna

    United Gray GTI spotted - Jalopnik Hurricane Relief Car Show

    You have to be on here! 2 Door, United Gray, Neuspeed wheels. About 1/4 way down in the photos. Nice car! Some other nice VAG cars in the gallery also.
  19. CHerna

    A lot of Repeat Threads

    I noticed that too. LMAO