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  1. SixZeroFour

    VF Engineering Short Shifter Impressions

    I've only had about ten minutes in the car so far but initial impressions are very good! :thumbup: The install was very simple and straight forward, although I did managed to snap one side off the white plastic clip holding the secondary arm to the shifter mechanism. Be carefull and make sure...
  2. SixZeroFour

    Godspeed TSI Downpipe - Great deal for local buyer (Van)

    I ordered one of the ebay Godspeed downpipes but have since changed my mind on the direction of the car. It hasn't even shown up yet so I dont have the actual pics just yet but thought I would post it up to gauge interest. This downpipe is already a smoking deal at $160 USD plus $40 Shipping...
  3. SixZeroFour

    My CSM GTI - Intro and Pics - Vancouver BC

    My CSM GTI - Intro and Pics - Vancouver Hi All, Thought I'd share some pics of my new ride! Located up in Vancouver BC 2010 Carbon Steel Metallic 4-Door RNS-510 w/ Dynaudio Leather Package 18" OEM Velos Wheels So far I've added the trunk tray, rubber mats, removed airbag stickers (thanks to...