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  1. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Why can't I find a Gli?

    So I was looking at new cars for the wife this weekend and wanted her to drive a new Gli but none of the dealers had one. I know I have seen several on the Jetta Vortex site were people have already bought and started modding. Are they just slow to deliver?
  2. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Warranty work today

    Well I got the car back and the dealer got two out of three. The fixed the stinky a/c problem as I requested. They flashed the DSG with the latest software because I complained about the hesitation from a stop that occurs from time to time. Not sure how effective this will be as I've only drove...
  3. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Well now I have the Funky A/C smell?!?!?

    The weather recently changed here in Dallas and I was able to drive into work with the A/c off for a few days. Then the heat returned so I started using the A/C again except I noticed when I first turn it on it smells funky to say the least. Then this morning I turned the A/C on smelled the funk...
  4. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Paint issue

    Noticed this when washing the car yesterday. Inside the rear wheel well the paint has actually rubbed off exposing the plastic material the bumper is made of. The outside of the bumper looks great with no sign of paint damage or peeling. Has anyone noticed the same thing in the rear wheel well?
  5. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Real racing GTI app for iPhone

    So my daughter just came in the room saying " your car has a racing app for the iPhone. Now I can't stop playing it... Lol anyone else have or seem this app?
  6. Ricky Bobby GTI


    Im in Dallas aand we are on Day 56 of 100+ degree days so I am looking very forward to fall weather!! We had 41 days in a row over 100+ degree weather and today we are looking at 107 degrees. Before the summer is up I think we will have the record for the most 100+ degree days in a summer for...
  7. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Halogen replacement?

    Well I was not lucky enough to find a CPO with all the options I wanted so I settled on everything but the HID's. So what would be a safe replacement bulb that would offer a brighter and whiter light?
  8. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Best Camera For Pictures?

    I recently bought a new SONY SLR and love it! I don't think you can go wrong with either SONY, Cannon, or Nikon SLR cameras.
  9. Ricky Bobby GTI

    What was your last car?

    Last car was a 2009 GTI 6MT with Thunder Bunny Kit!
  10. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Crazy weather... Gti is in the garage!

    Man we have had some crazy weather this month. I'm in north Texas so tornados and hail are a normal thing this time of year but it sure seems like there have been alot! The Gti is safe in the garage but I sure wish I had a beater to drive to work. We have no covered parking at work and with my...
  11. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Found what was causing the shake at hwy speeds.

    So when I bought my car the dealer agreed to swap the wheels with the Gti next to mine due to some scratches. Well it turns out the car next to mine was a 2011 so it had no TPMS sensors. After the dealer found the problem with the tpms light they added the sensors to the new wheels but did not...
  12. Ricky Bobby GTI

    May 21, Judgement Day...

    I wish the weather was better here so I could give her a good wash and wax!
  13. Ricky Bobby GTI

    End of the world today?

    Yes I agree. Sorry that this thread turned to such hatred but my intentions were nothing but good. And with all the talk about this guys prediction on the news and radio stations I thought it would be a logical thread for discussion. Did not realize there were so many non-believers in the MKVI...
  14. Ricky Bobby GTI

    End of the world today?

    There is only ONE God, different religions call him by different names but they are still praying to the same God. Now there are many false Gods as stated in the Bible, Koran, and many other printed words of God but praying to these will only lead to one place, Hell. I'll be happy to say a...
  15. Ricky Bobby GTI

    End of the world today?

    The link is not about the guy that is predicting the world to end but about a Christian's experience in hell. God wanted him to spread the word that there truly is a hell and therefore took him and showed him hell for 23 minutes so that he could spread the word that hell was real and the only...
  16. Ricky Bobby GTI

    End of the world today?

    Well being a believer in Christ since I was in grade school has always told me no man would know the day or hour in which he would return for his people. I don't put much stock in what this former engineer is saying put I would like to take this time to ask anyone that is not saved to reach out...
  17. Ricky Bobby GTI

    I hate being so paranoid about my car.

    Sometimes I think it would be easier to own a clunker. I'm always paranoid about were I park, what I park next to. I won't let anyone eat in my car and I'm always obsessed about keeping it clean. I'll change several lanes to avoid a water puddle if I just washed my car. And lately I've noticed...
  18. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Seat position... Low or high?

    For some reason I have not found that magic spot yet in this car like I had in my mkv. I like the seat in the lower position but I feel like I'm setting to low in the car. I think since the mkv was a stick I just adjusted the seat so my clutch leg was comfortable and that was it. Do you prefer...
  19. Ricky Bobby GTI

    I really want the Golf R front bumper!

    Being a former Thunder Bunny owner I really like the look of the R front bumper. It just seems the factory bumpers are so damn expensive, $1650 for the conversion kit and I think you still have to paint it!
  20. Ricky Bobby GTI

    Does your car track straight?

    So since I picked up the mk6 with 18" wheels I've noticed the car really follows the slightest road imperfections and angles. Since 90% of hwys slope to the right it seems the car always drifts right on the hwy. On a good flat side road the car will track straight forever. The 17" wheels on my...