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    Cold draft

    I was driving home last night and when I went to flip my car into sport I felt a cool draft of air. By this point the heat had been on for 15 mins and the car was warm but I felt this cool draft down by the shifter. Has anyone else ever noticed this? Any ideas on what could be causing it?
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    $470 for service?

    I called my dealership last night so I could book my '10 Golf 2.5 in for it's 60,000Km service. I asked the tech how much will it cost as I've heard the 60,000Km service is one of the more expensive ones. He told me it'll be $470 plus tax, which works out to about $531 after taxes. Does anyone...
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    GTA meets?

    Are there any Golf meets in the GTA?
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    Has anyone tried Goof-Off?

    I got some yellow paint on my inner wheel well, driver side door and back rim. Some people have told me Goof-Off works for removing paint off cars but on their site it says it could damage many automotive paints and plastics, and says nothing about being safe for rims. Has anyone used this...
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    Yellow paint on a black Golf...

    I noticed yesterday I have yellow pain all over the inside my driver side wheel well, all under my driver door and a little bit on the side of the door itself. It looks like that yellow paint they use for the lines on the roads. I tried to wipe it off but it started to scratch the paint. I'm not...
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    What's the oddest question a dealership has asked you?

    I just booked my Golf in for it's 45,000km service. I said to the guy "I'm literally at 45,000Km so I want to bring the car in Saturday for the service." He says no problem, we can do the 45,000Km service on Saturday, so how many Km's are on your Golf?" I laughed and he asked me again...
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    D vs. S

    My 2.5 has the 6-speed transmission and I've started driving in "Sport" all the time. How much will this effect consumption over? Couldn't find any figures online. Anyone else drive in "Sport" on a regular bases?
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    Front windows

    Have you guys noticed that when you let either your driver or passenger side windows go down automatically they don't go down all the way...they stop with less then 3/4 of an inch to go. If you hit the button again they finish lowering. Any idea on why VW programmed the windows like that? I was...
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    45,000KM service

    I'm nearing my 45,000KM service. I asked my dealership how much it could possibly run me... I didn't get a straight answer. How much did your 45,000Km service run you guys?
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    Thumping sound from window

    My back driver side window has been making a thump when it lowers. Over the past week it's gotten a little bit more noticeable. Does anyone have an idea on what might be going on and if there's a way I can fix it myself...I really don't want to spend more money at the dealership.
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    Oily mark on headliner

    My Golf was used as a demo before I bought it. About a week after getting the car I noticed what looks like an oily print on the headliner right above the drivers seat. Anyone know of a good product that could take it out?
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    What was your last car?

    2007 Pontiac G5 SE, biggest lemon ever!!
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    Removing headlights

    I got some new bulbs for my high beams but I can't figure out for to remove the headlight casing from the car. Owners manual doesn't say not to either. Anyone know how to remove it?
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    HID bulbs

    I have a 2010 Golf 2.5 and I want to get some HID bulbs for the high beams. The owners manual doesn't list the bulb style/size. Anyone know that it is. Also, what are some good brands that produce HID Bulbs?
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    B pillar scratch

    Hey guys I have a quick question. My step dad decided to open my passenger side door into the side mirror of a SUV and scratch the black plastic that covers the B pillar. The scratch itself is pretty noticeable so I'm gonna have to get it fixed. But before I do I wanted to throw the question out...
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    Bumper damage

    I look my Golf to the dealership to get my service light reset. While I was waiting for my car the dealership took it threw the car wash to get all the salt off and when I came outside I noticed a big section of my driver side bumper was covered with scratches. I'm guessing someone backed into...
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    Locks and Clocks

    I just got my 2010 Golf about a month ago and I had a few questions that the dealership failed to answer. First off, I have been told by a few different people that the clocks in the Golf can only be displayed in 24 hour time!? It's not a big deal for me but it just seems odd that they wouldn't...
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    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Hey guys, I'm Kyle and I've had my 2010 black Golf 5 door for a little over a month now. Just got out of a 2007 Pontiac G5, worst thing I never did was get a Pontiac, total lemon! Anyways I'm in Stoney Creek, Ontario. No mods to the Golf yet but I'm hoping to get some LED lights and some new...