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    corrosion claim

    2011 GTI, 55,000 km I noticed a rust spot on the panel under the driver's door. I took it to an autonomy shop that I trust and the guy said that he could feel bubbling under the paint along that panel that was not yet rusting. He said that it was a factory application issue and that I should...
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    VW mechanic (now that Motorfabrik is gone)

    So, guys, where to go? Most of you seem to be in the suburbs. I live downtown. I travelled to Motorfabrik because they were worth it. I've been to Independent Tuning once. I like them but way too expensive. Let's post up some good general mechanic shops that do VWs. In particular if there...
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    Mobil 1 0W-40 on sale at Canadian Tire

    The best deal you're going to get on the best readily available oil for our cars. 40% off if you can still find it.
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    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    Thank you. That's exactly what I meant. FocalPoint is not quite the clear thinker he believes he is.
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    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    I cannot believe this thread. I have no idea as to the real story behind the scenes. However Clarkson is accused of assaulting someone on the set. And you go and start a thread to re-instate him? You say it's a matter of 'free speech' even though you later said you never said it was? I like...
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    Mobil 1 0W-40 on sale at Canadian Tire

    Starting Friday Sept 19, Mobil ! will be 30% off at Canadian Tire. I always stock up on 5 litres every time it goes on sale. If you read BITOG this is the best oil for our cars...better than Motul and some of the other more expensive oils.
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    Sounds like APR is Going Down

    I wonder why this thread was move to 'off topic'? I would think this huge news would be right in the 'general discussions' where it belongs. I wonder if this is special treatment of APR because there are a sponsor of the forums.
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    Mobil1 0W-40 on sale at Canadian Tire

    30% off. This (according to the guys on BITOG) is likely the best oil for our GTIs. Certainly better than Motul and the other boutique oils. I buy 5 litres and take it to my dealer and only pay them labour.
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    Motorfabric: my first visit

    Just checked these guys out today for a small install of an accessory. It's not a huge space like Independent Tuning. But I think these guys have a lot of experience with VAG products. And they certainly were nice and easy to deal with. It was like walking into a family shop. Given what has...
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    Valve intake cleaning

    Motorfabrik in North York has now got their crushed walnut cleaner. They are offering the full cleaning (with new gaskets, etc) for $435. They have a draw right now for a free cleaning if you want to enter...
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    Dashcommand for iOS

    Has anyone tried this app?
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    ? Extended warranty

    I know it's been discussed before but allow me.... 2011 GTi with 27k km (I'm a weekend driver only). Canadian warranty: bumper to bumper for 4 years, power train 5 years. This Sept I am at 4 years. Extended warranty to 8 years, 80,000km (which would be about right for me) is MSRP: $2400 for 5...
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    DSG service: great deal here....

    This has been mentioned elsewhere but I thought I would give it a separate thread. I have never been to Motorfabrik but they are getting some attention on Red Flag Deals. They have a promotion for the DSG service of $225 with all OEM fluid and filter. That's an incredible deal...
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    DOT 5 brake fluid for rubber seals?

    What do you think? Anyone using DOT 5 brake fluid, which is virtually 100% silicone, to treat the rubber door trim? I've been using IZ Gummi Pfledge but thought I might make the switch. I can't find much on it anywhere but it seems to me that it should be fine.
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    Mobil 1 0W-40 on sale

    30% off at Canadian Tire starting this Friday. To me, it's still the best deal in motor oil.
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    Possible new Stage 1 file from APR?

    Anyone heard when this may be coming after the K04 update? I can't get an answer in that thread.
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    I guess I'm done 'modding' my GTI

    My 2011 GTI just hit 3 years old in September. Along the way I've done a few minor 'mods'. My focus has been on driveability with a bit of fun. For driving experience: ....drove it off the lot to a tire dealer and upgraded the rubber at the time of delivery ...lightweight Enkei Fujin wheels...
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    removing seat covering

    Anyone have pictures, a DIY or any advice on how to remove the leather from the driver's seat back? I find the lumbar support not adequate and I would like to add some padding there. I need advice on how to remove the seat back upholstery (leather seats) so I can insert some stuff in there. thanks
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    applying opti-coat

    Quick question (my first time using opti-coat): I only want to apply it to the leading couple inches of my hood. I plan to tape off that section and apply the opti-coat. Will there be a visible line after the application? Since it very thin and simply applies a shine I wonder if I can just put...
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    Mobil 1 0W-40 on sale at Canadian Tire

    It's 40% off this week. It can be difficult to be sure the way their website works but it looks like the good stuff is on sale for $7.29 a litre this week. Thats $5 off per litre!