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  1. ahuang1983

    Fun places to chill or drive around Portand & Seattle

    Hey guys, I am driving down south to spend my birthday weekend in Portland and Seattle. Can you guys suggest some good place to visit or eat? Or somewhere nice to drive? My friends said there are good drinking places and strip bars in Portland, the problem is i am bringing my GF, so thats out...
  2. ahuang1983

    F/S: BNIB forge mk6 gti fmic for $900

    F/S: forge mk6 gti fmic for $900 Its brand new in box, locals only. My friend is selling his mk6 and never had the change to install the fmic. PM me for more info. Thanks
  3. ahuang1983

    Golf R at CTS turbo

    Thanks to Clay, Nik, and the teams at CTS They are awesome and chill. I got my downpipe, intake, HPFP, and ecu tune installed from them because they are honest and helpful. They did not try to up sell me anything, and their price is straight up with no hidden charge I will get my golf r clutch...
  4. ahuang1983

    slight vibration on the brake pedal

    Hey guys I don't know what happened. But ever since I got my stage 2+, I have been getting slight brake pedal vibration that comes and goes randomly. Its not bad, but it feels like when you have clutch on engage point and holding on the brake pedal. Not as shacky but that's the closest feeling...
  5. ahuang1983

    which company offer best stage 2+

    Hello guys Recently I got intake and catless downpipe installed. Going to get hpfp, in the coming week. I was wondering is there a company that is better for catless. I originally wanted Apr since I had Apr on my mk5, but the dealer isn't a Apr dealer no more. There is a shop I go to now that I...
  6. ahuang1983

    ECS tuning smoke side marker = BAD

    I am sure many people already know this. It was raining a lot recently, and i noticed one of the bulb is already dead lol. I am not even gonna bother with their limited warranty since shipping probably cost as much as new one.
  7. ahuang1983

    Ecs smoked side marker

    Apparently a lot of people are having fitment issues with the ecs side marker. They said it's ultrasonic made so won't get waters in. Are they taking about the marker itself? I got a closer look today after installing them last week, both side don't fit like oem. The left side actually have a...
  8. ahuang1983

    Golf r seat question

    Hello I picked up my golf r last night, and noticed that the 8 way adjustable front seat are not all powered. Are you guys getting manual adjusted front seat also?I had a mk5 gti before and the leather seat had more power adjuster than the R. This is a Canadian version R by the way. Thanks!
  9. ahuang1983

    Incosiderate people that can't park

    Man!!! i just brought my car to my 2nd maintenance today and they reported 2 minor damage that i did not notice. The parking lot where i work, are full of cars all the time. It is so annoying that some cars park so close to you:mad: Once, this stupid old car parked so close to me that i cant...
  10. ahuang1983

    gti signature

    Hey guys, How do you make a GTI signature? I've seen a few people with the side, front, and real view in different color. And it seem they are all from the same source. Thanks
  11. ahuang1983

    something bugging me..

    Hey guys, i am prepared to be flamed but i am serious or i am hesitating at the moment. So please give me some constructive critism. A few week ago i suddenly want a muscle car real bad. So i went to ford dealership to test out a ford mustang V8 Gt. It was so slow and crappy, the overall...