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    Help with electrical issue!

    Hey guys I’m having an electrical issue that’s got me stumped. So I have a 2011 gti autobahn with power driver seat. My issue is my sunroof, power seat and heated seats don’t work. I am not getting any power to the fuse panel on d/s of the dash to fuse 33,34,37 that row. I for the life of me...
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    Hey guys I am putting my car back to stock as much as possible. There are a few parts i have left from my part out. -I have a gm ethanol sensor and a fuel it blue tooth reader. only thing you need is to download there app for 5$ to read the sensor $150.00 -I also have a usrt methanol throttle...
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    rear washer nozzle intercooler spray?

    Hello has anyone ever tried using the rear washer line as a intercooler sprayer? Just curious as my rear wiper has been deleted for years and unused? I would like to see if anyone has any insight.:thumbup:
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    Intake manifold question

    Hey guys does any have any insight if a 2.0tfsi manifold will work on a 2.0tsi? I’m inquiring to see if I can get an hep manifold to go on my 2.0tsi looking for port fuel injection.
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    I tried searching for the answer on this and could not come up with a clear one. Does anybody have any insight on whether this part# 06h906036n will work on the mk6 gti? Its a fuel injector from 2013 and up audi a4 which is e85 compatable. I am looking for something that is plug and play no...
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    5TH injector questions

    Hey guys I am planning on running a 5th injector to run more ethanol on the mk6. My question to who ever has hooked up a 5th injector up. How has the throttle body held up to fuel since they are plastic any issues with that?
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    For sale is a used Deutronic Solar Charger with integrated charging controller for 12 VDC lead batteries / AGM batteries / SLA batteries. The solar trickle chargers come in great condition with suction cups to stick to the inner windshield of your vehicle. Plugs right into ODB plug to maintain...
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    Fs: 2011 gti dsg autobahn k04

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    Hello guys I have a question for the APR ko4 users. Do you know if apr adjust the waste-gate actuators to 22psi max output? I have the cobb accessport and cant get the car to boost more than 22-23psi even when its requesting 29psi? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.. I am currently...
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    FS: ECS tuning 15mm spacers with black conical bolts

    Hey selling my brand new unused 15mm spacers I bought to fit stock wheels over the Porsche brakes. long story short I did not need them nor did I use them. They are brand new I used one spacer to put the stock wheel on and took off still has the ecs stickers on them. 85$ shipped for them shoot...
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    Why I won't be buying from Usp Motorsports anymore

    A few months ago I ordered the Usp drop in lpfp for the mk6 tsi engine. I got the pump which the modifications made by Usp are secretive. Put the pump in my car ran it and ran into problems. First day I was left stranded in Pennsylvania (I live in NJ) car wouldn't stay running it was due to the...
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    uni dsg stage 2 file problem

    Hey guys, I am just reaching out to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem with their uni dsg tune. I have the dsg tune stage 2 on my ko4 gti. I've noticed since I went ko4 I was getting a slight slippage at wot. I was only experiencing a few hundred rpm slip and noticed a...
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    I am selling my oem bas bars for mk6 gti 4 door and 2 vw barracuda bike mounts.I have all the keys one for the base bars and for both bike holders. I am looking for a local sale wiling to meet up. $400 for everything. Text is best way to reach me (862)371-9829
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    Fs stock turbo 45k 150$ nj

    Hey golf mk6 selling my stock turbo on my mk6 went ko4 only reason it came off. Turbo works fine boost fine no oil leaks. Took off at 45k was holding on to it cause I wanted to trade my car in but decided not to. 150$ obo picked up takes it willing to ship but buyers expense. 862-371-9829 best...
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    Fs Hoosier drag radials and rims

    Hello vortex, I am selling my Hoosier drag radials and trmotorsports wheels. The radials are brand new never made a pass on them or even a burnout. I test fit them and that was all. The specs are 245/45/17 and are heat cycled from tirerack and wheels are 17x8 et45 also have a set of 6mm spacers...
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    Audi s3 intercooler for sale nj

    What's going on guys selling my s3 intercooler upgraded to bigger one so I took this out no need for it anymore. Looking to get 200 obo and prefer local pick up shoot me a text 862-371-9829 located in North nj Also have red forge silicone hoses I'll throw in the outlet has a hole in it for a...
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    Meth nozzle sizes for ko4 race file?

    What's going on guys I have a question for anyone who's currently running a ko4 race file and meth. Just wanted to see how much meth are you spraying? I'm going to be reflashing my mk6 with unitronic ko4 race file. I will be running a total of 435ml 50/50 60ml post Tb and 375ml by intercooler .