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    Lamborghini LP640 vs Golf GTI

    He didn't have have his turbo on. Yep, the turbo was turned off
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    APR stage 1 trial question

    I would really like to try the stage 1 trial soon and I was wondering if I should expect a labor charge for the trial. I will call my local dealer tomorrow to see what they say. what should I expect?
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    MKVI Driving (Home made video)

    so i made a video if myself driving a little bit to show what people that are interested in the 2010 GTI to expect.
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    Why keep the engine cover on?

    i took the engine cover off today and went for a drive and i can tell a little difference coming from the engine. Its slightly louder. So is there any reason to keep the cover on?
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    Stock Exhaust Sound (Video Inside) It is my car, and the pics are also my car.
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    What tires came stock with your ride?

    Mine came with Pirelli p-zero nero all seasons. im curious because ive seen some people say they got a different brand.
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    Snow Drifting :p

    well it started snowing today and my gti got its first snow drifting experience. it was pretty fun. pulling the handbrake and whipping the back end out is a great feeling, then it kinda suck when you wanna get out of it with the FWD. but its still a blast! anyone else have a chance to have some...
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    stock DSG GTI vs. stock 02 acura TL type-s auto

    My friend has a TL type-s so i asked if he wanted to run... he said his car would shit on my GTI and i said ok, lets see that happen. 2 runs from a dig, launch control got the jump on him and started pulling pretty good in 3rd both times. Put 1-2 cars on him by the time i hit 90 (semi short...
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    So i was on my way to Blockbuster...

    Ok so i was a red light turning left and i accelerate as usual (not fast at all, not trying to race) and i look over to my left while on the straight part of the road and a 1995ish chevy POS is obviously flooring it and is having a hard time passing me... his girlfriend looks over at me, i just...
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    Going stage 1...

    How many miles should you have on the car before going stage 1? I'm assuming at least after the break in period (600ish miles) any think i need to know?
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    Passenger side rattling noise?

    Anyone have a rattling noise on the passenger side of yor car? I've noticed it a few times and it's getting annoying. Anyone know how to fix it?
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    Black 2 Door, DSG, Xenon, 18" wheels

    just worked out the deal, will post pics in a few hours. Fresh Wash & Wax: Click on the pics to see a easier to see image.
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    30 seconds of amazing
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    Cool test drive video
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    New GTI Video Review - Gear Patrol
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    To Everyone That Is Going To Lease.

    I was at my local VW dealer on saturday with my mom to test drive the GTI for me and the CC for her. We were talking to the sales guy about leasing and we asked him about any upcoming lease specials... He said the november lease special *he and his manager has a big smile* "will be VERY...
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    High resolution Pics of Carbon Steel.

    this one just turned out awesome like that. :D
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    Drove fully loaded 2010 GTI today.

    I just drove a brand new fully loaded 4 door DSG at crystal lake vw. And the interior was soooo much better than 2009. It really does feel like a $40,000 car. The ride felt so glued to the ground it really impressed me. Msrp was 30 grand fully loaded without navigation. Looking to pick up a...
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    Actual Purchase

    I have seen people talk about test driving the MK6 but i would love to know if anyone has bought it yet and NEED to see some American Mods.