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    FS: sweet Mk6 GTI 4D, best options and extras

    2010 Mk6 GTI 4D, 6spd MANUAL, cloth seats, Carbon Steel Metallic, sunroof, factory bi-xenon adaptive lights, factory audio upgrade and additional underfloor color matched carpet custom small subwoofer box and amp. 73,600k trouble free mostly rural highway miles (live in a rural location), 18"...
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    Explain your User Name.

    Sounds like a generous offer to me, lol... :drool: Just boring re-use of my TT forums name here. Suffice it to say that a car is far from an automotive appliance for me, even when it's a commuter as the GTI is. A balance of purposeful, minimalist automotive art and performance can be...
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    What was your last car?

    The mk2 TT is an excellent car, but as a fanatical mk1 TT owner, most of us have never gotten over the styling mistakes and blandness of the redesign, regardless if the overall package is better. The magnetic ride is phenomenal on a track. If you're not afflicted by those sort of styling...
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    GTI exhaust tips

    I know it's just a design touch, and have two tuned Audis with full exhausts, but the mkvi is going to be more of a "commuter", a fantastic one to be sure. So for now, I'd just like something that looks a bit beefier, as I'm more than happy with the stock performance and sound for my purposes...