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    FS: Catless 3"-Stock downpipe $75

    Price drop: $75 plus shipping
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    MK6 stock catalytic converter, FREE, Seattle

    I'd be interested in the downpipe
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    FS: Catless 3"-Stock downpipe $75

    For sale is a two-piece stainless steel 3" downpipe. The midpipe goes from 3" to stock width in order to bolt up to a stock catback. The top is BRAND new, never even had the foam protectors off. The catless midpipe is 4 months old and has never seen a winter but has seen rain. I originally...
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    Exhaust manifold stud

    One of my exhaust manifold studs recently snapped. Not 100% sure which one, but the sound is clearly coming from the driver's side. Any advice on how to cheaply fix it? Trying to sell the car in the next few months so I don't want to spend more than $1000 but I realize that may not be possible...
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    WTB: OEM Muffler

    Looking for an OEM muffler, with or without tips. Let me know what y'all got, thanks.
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    2013 GTI Autobahn DSG 80,000 miles $9,500

    Hey all, I'm selling my carbon steel Autobahn edition 2-door GTI with 80k miles on it. Has the euro leather seats and all the extras. The car has a turbo back exhaust, with a two piece downpipe (comes with catted AND catless mid pipe). Also has a carbon fiber spoiler, R8 coils, extra set of...
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    WTB: 19" rims

    Want to buy 19" rims. OEM if possible. Let me know what you got. Would trade too, have 18" Watkins in great shape
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    FS: Cobb AP V3 with Stratified tune

    For sale is a Cobb Accessport V3. Included are all accessories, windshield mount, soft travel case, original box, warranty card, OBDII and computer cables, two faceplates and dash mount. Used for 1 week. Asking $500+shipping
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    2013 GTI Autobahn 2 Door Automatic $18,000

    Upstate New York For sale is my MK6 GTI. Two door, dual clutch Autobahn edition. No problems, just serviced, fresh inspection, BRAND NEW tires, two sets of tires, second pair of front brake pads, spare downpipe. Clean title, 78,XXX miles. Over $5,000 in mods and service. Second owner, less than...
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    WTB: CAI

    Looking for a stage 1 or 2 CAI, under $150 is preferred but let me know what you have!
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    FS: Xbox One S 500GB All White

    I have an Xbox One S for sale, all white comes with all accessories and cords. One controller included, no games. Used for 1 month. Have a PS4 as well and just don't use both. Xbox is in mint condition, no signs of wear and still has the original stickers on it. Asking $260+ shipping and fees...
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    Looking for Red Coils

    Looking for red coil pack. Complete ignition pack would be great as well. Anything better than the OEM coils. Please shoot me a price and condition and we'll talk from there. Thanks!
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    MK7 spoiler extension on an MK6

    Hi all, this is my first post so please forgive me if i do something wrong. I've searched for information about putting a spoiler extension designed for the MK7 on an MK6. Looking at the Aspec spoiler. Thanks for any information!