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  1. jy7347

    Squeak on acceleration

    hopefully youve solved this problem. but if you hadnt, i also have a dsg mk6 golf r, and turns out this exact problem ive been having for almost 10 years was an easy fix/problem. it was actually the shifter cable rubbing onto the heatshield, if you look into the engine bay, that cable is...
  2. jy7347

    mk6 golf R Clicking/Ticking noise from rear left c pillar area *SOLVED!!!!*

    so since dec 2021, i've been hearing this ticking/clicking noise from the rear of my car whenever im going over small bumps or uneven ground and it was driving me NUTS! the noise sounded like someone was dropping small pebbles over the rear left side of the roof. i was very determined to find...
  3. jy7347

    golf r valance fit Gti??

    hey guys, as per title says, disregarding the exhaust tip exits, are the gti and R's valance interchangeable, do the valance fit onto each other's bumper? thanks in advance!
  4. jy7347

    TTRS Brake Caliper R logo

    hey guys, so i got hold on a pair of TTRS front brake calipers. but i wanna keep my car looking stock and want to have the R-line logo on the caliper instead of the RS (i know... but thats just me :D) i know i can get it repainted all black and just put on a decal (cheapest way i can think of)...
  5. jy7347

    Tire pressure for wider tire?

    I just got a set of PSS, absolutely love them. But I got a set of wider tires than stock. I have the optional 19" rims for the golf r. The stock tires were 235/35/19, recommended pressure is 39 psi (for 2 passengers) Now I got 245/35/19 pss. What is the equivalent pressure for these 245...
  6. jy7347

    How do i remove the window trim?

    window trim removal DIY (Pics) i cracked my window trim on my driver door, and figured out how to replace it. difficulty level: really easy. tools required: T25 (i think) Torx screw driver and that's it step 1: Open window all the way. step 2: pull the rubber seal aside step 3: unscrew...
  7. jy7347

    Golf R vs gti downpipe

    Sorry if this has been talked about before. I just want to know if a mk6 golf R downpipe would fit onto a mk6 and mk5 gti even though R downpipe is bent differently from gti due to the driveshaft. Thanks in advance!
  8. jy7347

    how to replace / get to the side mirror motor?

    As title suggests, does anyone here knows how to replace / get to the side mirror motor? My mirror motor is busted, needed to be replaced. Thanks in advance! Oh I mean the mirror folding motor, not the adjustment motor
  9. jy7347

    attempting auto fold/unfold: Window/Door Module Part Number wanted!

    hey guys, i just want to know what is the part number of your window/door module? can u also tell me what country is your car from and what make year is it? mine are 5K0 959 793A (driver/Right) and 5K0 959 792A (passenger/Left). from Hong Kong, MY 2012 i am trying to gather these info so to...
  10. jy7347

    Golf Mk6 Gti ALL fault codes came up

    hey guys, my frds gti's dash suddenly went crazy and all the lights popped up, plugged in my VCDS, and this is what came up apparently he went over a bump with the right rear wheel, but in a parking lot, so its parking lot speed. please help us out here thanks in advance...
  11. jy7347

    Tutorial: DIY LED Rear Footwell Light (Demonstrated on Golf R)

    hey guys, i made a step by step video on how to make rearseat LED footwell lights. its a simple mod, but just showing you guys how easy it is to make! Video:
  12. jy7347

    Tutorial: DIY Golf R white LED Back Up Light (no error code)

    hi guys, i just made a tutorial/follow up video on how to make your own LED back up light on the Golf R LED Taillight with no error code. :) hope you guys like it, let me know if there should be any improvement or whatnot Video:
  13. jy7347

    Mk5 and mk6 shift knob cover compatible?

    As the title says. Just want to know if the plastic cover (base) for both 5 and 6 r the same. They look identical, but does anyone if they are interchangeable? Preferably dsg
  14. jy7347

    APR Stage 1+ without upgraded HPFP?

    if i were to do an APR stage 1+, have anyone done it without aftermarket HPFP? does it make a huge difference? my R right now is all stock, im just curious about this.
  15. jy7347

    nice little divider for my boot!

    i found this lil divider for bout $20USD. super useful and installing takes literally 2 mins! just velcro. make such a difference for my small items. saw some available for both sides of the boot. check it out! =]
  16. jy7347

    comfort operation is pissing me off!!

    i was trying to do the coding in 09- cent. elect. so that i can open and close ALL windows at the same time with the unlock/ lock button on the car (not remote) while the car is running. i was at the bit where u can select "comfort operation via lock/unlock independent from ignition 15 ON" so...
  17. jy7347

    Has anyone tried dunlop direzza z2?

    As the title says, has anyone tried those tires? They seem to have pretty good reviews. And they do look pretty badass Lol. I'm thinking about getting those when my tires r out. Where I live there r quite a bit of rain in summer, but I never go fast in rain, so as long as tires can handle...
  18. jy7347

    selling my underseat tray

    hey guys, i am selling a 99.9% new black underseat tray for driver side (RIGHT HAND side where i live) This includes all the screws and rivets coming with it. i am selling it for $70USD not including shipping though since most of you probably require international shipping price is negotiable...
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  20. jy7347

    Remote can't open hatch

    Hi guys, I have a 2012 golf r mk6. After a few months of having the car, my remote won't really open the hatch. It does open when I'm really close to the hatch(1-5 ft), but any further, especially 10ft or further, the signal lights would flash (guessing it means the car received signal from...