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    F.S. 9W7 Bluetooth Module

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    F.S. NICHE MISANO M117 18x8 wheels

    Looking to sell a set of Niche Misano M117 wheels. Size - 18x8 ET - 30 Bolt Pattern - 5x112 Bore - 66.60 Lug Type - Ball. Great looking wheels IMO. A great thing about them is that they use the OEM lugs. They were mounted on a MK6 GTI, and I didn't need conical lugs! One of the wheels has a...
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    FS: OBDeleven PRO

    FS: OBDeleven No longer available.
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    235/40/18 tires?

    Hey, I am looking to get some tires but want to go a little wider than stock, so that I have a little more side wall. Was thinking 235/40/18. Anybody here running such tires on MK6? I am at stock height, my wheels have 47ET, and I was wondering if there could be rubbing. Thanks
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    Paint peeling on MK6 GTI!!!

    So, this happened: What you're looking at is the paint peeling around the Driver's side Exterior door handle. I have only seen this last week because that's when the paint just popped off when I pulled on the handle. I do suspect however that it started a little sooner under the handle...
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    Tow Hook

    Does anybody know where I can get a MK6 (GTI) tow hook around the GTA (besides the dealer)? I'm looking for one with a thread on both ends - unlike the one that comes standard with our cars. I have seen the ones on Amazon and e-bay but some people complain about quality and fitment, and I...
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    Rear nozzle LEAKS heavily into the Hatch!!

    Yes, I did remove the trim, both - top and bottom of the hatch, but as it turned out, I didn't need to, as that rubber connection is accessible without removing anything. I didn't take any pictures, but I just used this DIY from vortex (thank you 71sbeetle)...
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    Rear nozzle LEAKS heavily into the Hatch!!

    So, I'm having this ^^ issue now. When I want to spray fluid on my rear window, 2 drops go on the window, the rest goes INTO the hatch, and when I open it, the fluid goes everywhere else (trunk, ground, my head). I took off the trim to see what the issue is, but still can't see it. I thought the...
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    Spotted thread

    Had a chance for this sweet photo op at work a few days ago :). It made my day! Mine is the MK6 at the end.
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    When are you putting on the winters?

    Did it over the weekend... Just in time for the salt! :mad0259:
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    Choices for insurance these days?

    I have a 2010 GTI, and I'm looking to change my insurance provider, and would like to know what some people out there are using. I'm looking for things like decent deductible, accident forgiveness, and good replacement value. I've looked at TD, Royal Bank, and a few others, and they're all at 6...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Took it to the track for the first time! So awesome!
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Waxed it and replaced the film on the headlights and fogs. I'm kinda on the fence about the yellows. Thought they would look... different. Might end up just taking them off and use the same tins as the headlights. I'll see how I feel about them in a few weeks...
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    TOB Noise

    So, after extensive research, and calling back and forth between the dealer, VW Canada, and myself, VWC finally agreed to cover 75% of the TOTAL cost of replacing the TOB. (My car is out of warranty at ~110k) I am just wondering if anybody had this happen, and if VW's offer is a good deal or...
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    Which MT fluid for our winters?

    So I was just wondering if anybody has changed the MT fluid on the MK6 GTI, and if so what brand and type they've used? I called my VW Dealer and they quoted me $43.50 /L. The car takes around 2.5 so that's over $100 :( . I've also looked at Redline and Motul - much cheaper alternatives - but...
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    4 OEM Audi caps 16"

    These are 4 OEM Audi Hubcaps which have been painted black with the silver stripe. Some of the paint did peel a little as can be seen in the pics. They were used on 16" steelies to hide the look of the bare steelies. Asking $65 OBO. Please PM for any questions as I am not here a lot. If...
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    FS: OEM Audi Steelies (5x112) with HANKOOK IPIKE Winters

    Tires: 205/55/16 HANKOOK I PIKE 409 Winters Tires have approx. 9000-10000 KM on them.They still have 7-8mm of tread left. When new they had between 10-11 mm, so still lots of tread left. One tire has only one winter (maybe 2000 km) on it since the original was punctured and I had to replace...
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    ENKEI Wheels

    Hi, I am just looking for some feedback on ENKEI build quality. I am looking to get a set of ENKEI Wheels similar in look to these . It is claimed that each wheel weight is 18 lbs for 18" which I think it's pretty light. But, after some research, I discovered that they are not forged, but some...
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    FS: Mk6 Golf GTI OEM Tinted Tail Lights

    These are the OEM non-LED lights. They are tinted, with Lamin-X protective film (12%). They had the film on for about 3 years now, so the lights have been fairly protected. They might show some minor wear signs, but no dings, or chips, or any deep scratches. The film can be removed (I can...