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  1. Jack14

    Color Matched Rising Blue Side Markers

    Had them on for a month. Look fantastic. Looking for $85 plus shipping. Thanks.
  2. Jack14

    Dark Cherry LED Tails

    Had them in for a month. Pretty sure they were barely used when i bought them. They look new. $300 plus shipping. SOLD
  3. Jack14

    19x9 et33

    Anyone fit a wheel of this size? trying to slip a 225 on it.
  4. Jack14

    Budget Coils

    Who here has experience with a set of budget coil overs? For example WRD. Are they just for aesthetics or do they hold up when it comes to performance? Probably just want a better used set but I'm just curious as to what people think of them.
  5. Jack14

    Potential Boost Leak?

    Just bought a rising blue R with 25k miles on it and I've noticed something odd on shifts. After releasing the throttle to shift and getting back on the power at full throttle, the engine reacts instantaneously, however it takes an extra second for boost to kick in. Never felt this on my gti...
  6. Jack14

    APR Valves

    Has anyone installed these? Im a goon and want to rev higher just because. Do other engine modifications need to be made to increase the rev limiter safely? What about performance gains under the rev limit. Just curious. Thanks.
  7. Jack14

    ESC Feedback

    So my R should be here in about a week and I'm curious as to how current R owners feel about ESC in this car. I know it can be defeated with a little help from the guys at APR but my question is if its worth it or not. Im sure it is for autocross, but what about just performance driving in...
  8. Jack14

    Re Intro

    Whats up guys. Its been a while but looks like ill be picking up a 2013 rising blue R with 17k miles on it in a couple of days. I had a black gti, sold it for an e46 m3 which I loved, but couldn't use as a daily no matter how hard I tried to convince myself that I could. Anyway pics and second...
  9. Jack14

    H&R Street Performance SS Coilovers

    Selling my H&R Street Performance SS Coilovers full kit $750 obo. Send me an email if you need pics. They've been on the car for 12k miles.
  10. Jack14

    Cooper All Season Tires

    Selling a set of four of these with almost all tread left. 235 40 18s. 200 picked up. Ill ship em if you want to pay. Message me for pics. Thanks!
  11. Jack14

    Eds Golf R Replica Side Skirts Color matched Black

    These are color matched black and were never installed. $450 takes them.
  12. Jack14

    Would you trade for a e46 M3??

    Also you know all about the GTI but not about the M3 so id say its best to ask the question over here as well. Both sides will be biased as a car guys car is almost always the best. Regular car reviews reference for anyone who watches.
  13. Jack14

    Would you trade for a e46 M3??

    If that SMG pump starts giving you a hard time that'll be your indicator to switch to a manual. Ive seen threads where people just can't drive their cars because every other day the pump is temperamental and the car won't start. LMK if you have any questions!
  14. Jack14

    Would you trade for a e46 M3??

    Just sold my stage 2 GTI and bought an e46 M3. Im very happy with my decision but I do have a 6MT. SMGs can be a real pain. Theres a full swap going around for about 3k. Car feels faster than my stage 2 while stock although it may actually be a bit slower, i doubt it though. Once tuned that...
  15. Jack14

    FS: GTI OEM Lip

    Selling my black color matched oem lip. Has some scratches on the bottom. Looking for 200. Thanks.
  16. Jack14

    FS: H&R Street Sport SS Coilovers

    Selling my coil overs with 12k miles on them. Front springs only have about 1k miles on them. Looking to get 750. Will ship at buyers expense. PM me with questions or offers. Thanks.
  17. Jack14

    FS: Billy Boat TBE

    Selling my TBE with 12k miles on it. Billy Boat CBE $600 Billy Boat DP $450 Both for $950 Willing to ship at buyers expense. PM me. Thanks.
  18. Jack14

    Stage 2 Part Out (More Parts Added)

    Hey guys, so it looks like I'm going to be parting out. I should no later today or tomorrow officially but I'm pretty sure. Prices are somewhat negotiable but don't lowball. Also, shipping is not included, however I will ship at buyers expense. PM me with any questions. Thanks! Eds Golf R...
  19. Jack14

    Car Wash

    Why are so many people anti car wash? I mean a hand wash is always better but are there any downsides to using the local car wash?
  20. Jack14

    FS: Stage 2 2010 4 door

    This is a feeler, but up for sale is my 2010 stage 2 GTI. has approximately 56k on the clock. Its a four door DSG and I am the second owner. Non leather, no nav or sunroof. RNS 510 head unit with MFSW. Looking for 18k negotiable. Mods List: Billy Boat CBE Billy Boat DP CC R-Line Wheels H&R...