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    How to remove the heater core?

    Found this thread when I was looking for how to change out my heater core. So figured I’d put in my two cents now that I’m done. the dash doesnt need to come out. The only thing you need to remove is the access panel to the center console on the drivers side footwell. And the little plastic air...
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    MK6 air ride

    Installed in February Airlift 3P Airlift Perfomance fronts (50k miles) Airlift Double bellow rears (10k miles) Airlift Slam Shocks (Brand New in Box) Water trap Dual Vlair 444C Compressors 5 Gallon tank Hardline trunk set up for MK6 golf platform $2250+Shipping Untitled by justin lowe, on Flickr
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    Project rebuild (Never part out your car!)

    So a long time has passed since I was frequent on this forum. I used to drive a bagged out MK6 GTI. Then one day I decided to part it out so I could pick up a new project car an MKIV R32. My GTI went through a few different phases in the past Static with some basic cast wheels Then I...
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    17" BBS RS FS/FT

    PRICE DROP! PRICE DROP! PRICE DROP! I got a set of freshly built up RSs for sale. RS320/321 faces filled and drilled to 5x100 17x8.5 front et 46 .5" lip 17x8.5 rear et36 1" lip Can include spacers if desired Asking 2500 OBO Willing to trade for LMs, RPF1s+cash, Ariettas+cash, MKIV parts+cash...
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    Has anyone...

    I actually bought my MK6 back after I sold it to carmax
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    Finally got the wheels on!
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    Did some things, got rid of the black emblems, through some coilovers on and went out autocrossing! Been building up some new wheels. BBS RS because MKIV Also scored me some floor mats and a hood bra, can finally quit dirtying up my carpet
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    Alright which one of you clowns is this?

    Because respect, hustlers gunna hustle. spotted in jax today.
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    WTB: 17" BBS parts

    As stated I need some parts for some wheels I'm building up, if you have any 17" BBS RS parts let me know!
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    Worst car Subculture

    In jax it's the Euro scene. It's soooo split up between 3 different crews that all hate each other and talk shit. It gets old real fast. But the lifted truck crowd get all the meets shut down because they feel like they constantly have to roll coal thru the meets and park like assholes halfway...
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    Did the haldex fluid change the other day. Drain plug is halfway stripped :/ looks like I'll by pulling out the haldex to helicoil the drain plug hole. Next time it's due, by then I'll be stripping the car anyways :D
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    My parts and maintenance stuff showed up!!! And I no longer look like a teenager when I drive this thing!!!!
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    Looking for a car for my brother. MK4 VR6?

    E36? The M3 variant can be found for 10k if you look hard enough.
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    Need to remove these tails Beautiful interior And a completely unmolested engine Of course it has your typical MK4 problems, broken glovebox handle and passengers door module is out. Already have new belts, tensioner, haldex service kit and tails on the way.
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    Thanks for all the love guys! Can't post anymore pics cause I left on vacation less than 12 hours after I bought it. Headlights just have eyelids on them easily removable and will be. Both VW emblems were painted so I'll be ordering some soon. I have OEM tails waiting now. First mod I plan on...
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    Believe it or not KBB actually. Never got posted on cars, carguru or CL.
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    Bought a new weekend toy (R32 content)

    So, I've been on the hunt for a new weekend toy for a while now. After a ton of research and test driving various cars I decided on an R32. I didn't limit myself to mk5 or mk4 while shopping. After test driving a few MK5s (one with a clearly bonked DSG) it was late in the day and I had given up...
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    GK Goes JDM, Brah. Beats Worst Forum Member on Actually Getting a Car this Century

    Glad to see you saved this from becoming some kids drift missile.
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    $40k stock Acura Integra Type R

    No one is buying this Type R to drive it, you do know that right? It'll sit in someones garage somewhere while it slowly appreciates until it ends up at another auction in another two decades.