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  1. dub-Nation

    Adding a Trunk Release Button inside the Cabin with Hatch Pop Kit

    Has anyone wired up a button inside the cabin of the car to open the hatch? My rear emblem is shaved and is using the ECS Hatch Pop Kit and can only open my hatch with the key fob. The key fob button will not work if the car is in the ignition. :( can make the button, but...
  2. dub-Nation

    #OccupyBigBear - October 4-5-6

    Don't come if you can't hang. :sm3: j/k Open to all! Detailed event information described here. ;)
  3. dub-Nation

    4th Annual Oktoberfest Event - October 5th-7th, 2012

    RSVP your party room TODAY! We hope you had a great time at Oktoberfest 2011 and we want the fun to continue! We are reserving our party rooms "way" early this year!!! :eek: Our goal for 2012 is to bring the party to us!!! But we need your help to do so. Northwoods Resort...
  4. dub-Nation

    Oktoberfest 2011 - Big Bear Lake, CA (October 7th-9th)

    Toyo Tires Oktoberfest presented by fifteen52 & Big Bear Lake, California USA October 7th-8th-9th, 2011 Top Level Sponsors: AccuAir | Air Lift | 8380 Laboratories | Golden Shine Car Care/California Car Cover | OEMplus | Rotiform | StanceWorks | VWvortex Vendor Sponsors: Crafted...
  5. dub-Nation

    Does anyone have a European hitch? has been selling hitches for quite some time. They have a hitch for our cars, but they don't have any installed photos. ^ MK5 example. Does anyone have this hitch? I am hoping it's like the MK5s and the hitch is hidden behind the valance and...
  6. dub-Nation

    Who wants to get a sneak of the MK6 Golf R?

    I am not sure if it's posted here yet. But they will be doing Westcoast debut in Pasadena. I thought I would share. I hope to see some MK6 fellows out there!
  7. dub-Nation

    The Hat Meet in Simi Valley!

    If you are located in the Ventura/Los Angeles County area, then you might want to come checkout the Hat Meet in Simi Valley. It's a fun, chill group of car enthusiast who like to eat and look at some really nice cars. In the past we had a car count upwards to 60+ cars, with warmer weather we...
  8. dub-Nation

    I got my TDI Chipped at Neuspeed!

    With all the chip tuning announcements going on, I thought I would post pictures of my chip install with Neuspeed. It's only fair right? :P A quick disclaimer: I have no experiences with other chip tunes, so I can't compared with other tunes. I can only compare from stock to Neuspeed. I can...
  9. dub-Nation

    Who is going to the OC Food Truck Meet TONIGHT!!!???

    My buddy just invited me to go. I hear its really big. I am going and wanted to see if anyone else here is going. Check it out, I found the event link on Facebook. Here is the info Bolsa in Orange Google Maps Magnolia St & Bolsa Ave Westminster, CA 92683 Tonight! Tuesday, January 25 8:30pm -...
  10. dub-Nation

    My TDI got a new GF!

    As of yesterday, my wife just picked a MK6 Jetta in CW. Oh, I am going to have some fun now. ;)
  11. dub-Nation

    FS: Blue Tinted Aspherical Side Mirror Glass (Brand New)

    FS: Blue Tinted Aspherical Side Mirror Glass (Brand New) $55 shipped I bought these mirrors a while ago. I installed one side for a few minutes, but not the other. I order these not knowing they have a clear versions. It's the same factory blue tint as early VWs, MK4s & Passats. My lost is...
  12. dub-Nation

    What was your last car?

    I still own my last cars. :P
  13. dub-Nation

    Check it out! Silicone Boost Hoses Let's see some install pics!
  14. dub-Nation

    Poll: Which Rear Valance???

    It's a debate I am currently having. I have both valances, my stock Golf and a GTI. I will be using a turndown exhaust tip and I plan on shaving the exhaust openings. Also shaving the fins on the GTI valance for sure. But it's easier to plastic weld the Golf valance versus the GTI valance. If...
  15. dub-Nation

    Neuspeed P-Chip (25-30 HP & 50 Torque gain)

    Who's done it? How do you like it? I have always been a fan of Neuspeed. Mostly because of it's reliability, warranty and on my past gasoline vehicles it's tuned with California gas and CARB approved. Not sure it desiel gas is different from east coast to west coast or if we need to be smog or...
  16. dub-Nation

    The Hat in Simi Valley this Friday!!!

    I know it's last minute, but I too just found out. There is a meet going on thsi Friday in Simi Valley at the Hat. I think it would be awesome to see some MK6s at the meet. I hope to see you guys there! Bernie The Hat 1308 East Los Angeles...
  17. dub-Nation

    Have you seen the new Tarmacs?

    fifteen52 just posted teaser photos of one of their 2011 wheels. As soon as I saw them I instantly loved them. Check it out! Here is a quick photoshopped. If you like my photoshop, "Like" my page on Facebook. When I get bored I post up some random stuff like the image above. Bernie
  18. dub-Nation

    Engine Bay Bolts (Need Specs)

    Does anyone here have an ETKA or a Bentley Manual that can tell me the specs of the bolts below? From Left to Right... - Upper Grille - Fender - Core Support - Headlight There bolts are located here. Thanks! I am looking for thread pitch and length. Sorry, I didn't have a measuring device at...
  19. dub-Nation

    Euromeet 2011 (Euros & Coffee Edition) - Saturday, Feb 5th 9am-1pm

    CALLING ALL VW, Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Smart & all other Euros!!! :wub: We would like to cordially invite all enthusiast to join us for Euros & Coffee. It's hosted by Smartwax & Chemical Guys. Sponsored by Seven42, Elite Autosports & dubNation. :thumbup: :D There will be vendors, demos...
  20. dub-Nation

    Anyone interested in a MK6 Meet & Greet?

    Hey Everyone, My name is Bernie. I have help promote events in my many years of owning a VW. I just picked a brand new MK6 TDI and was wondering how cool it would be to gather up all the new MK6 owners (other dubbers invited as well) for a huge meet. I have the perfect place in mind and have...