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  1. tehHooligan

    Enkei RS05RR wheels installed with Michelin PSS

    I finally had my Enkei RS05RRs installed and took a few pics. Before anyone says lower it, I know I "should" lower it, but life and reasons have me keeping my car at the normal height right now. I don't like putting cheap parts on my car and a set of Sachs performance coilovers would be $$$ :) I...
  2. tehHooligan

    FS: OEM GTI Catback 30k miles SF Bay Area

    FS: OEM GTI Catback 30k miles SF Bay Area $100 Sold
  3. tehHooligan

    And THAT'S why you shouldn't cheap out on mods

    Yeah, it's clear that this isn't the final solution. I posted this not to hate on him, but because it's a VR6, and mainly, it's funny. As you can tell by the comment the author posted in the video, we're laughing with him, not at him.
  4. tehHooligan

    And THAT'S why you shouldn't cheap out on mods

    I found this, it's pure gold. The guy has open headers except for this little pipe because he didn't want to "burn the brake lines." Don't cheap out on your exhausts, kids. EDIT: I am in fact, not posting this as a FAIL type post, but because the video is super funny. The pipe is clearly not...
  5. tehHooligan

    Mac guys... List your setup!

    15" MacBook Pro, late 2010 2.66 GHz i7 dual core 4 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GT 330M 512 MB discrete gfx Matte hi-res screen Running an LG 30" monitor as the main with the laptop screen as a secondary. It will go bye bye and stay at home when school starts. I also use my first gen iPad 64 GB+3G...
  6. tehHooligan

    OSLO BOMBING - MK6 Survives

    Reminds me of this. I don't mean to offend anyone, and it may be too soon, but I can't help but think of this. This commercial isn't that tasteful (racial/clothing stereotyping), and it might not be a real VW made commercial, but here you go: ad4fagTyaM4
  7. tehHooligan

    Epic Lifted MkV.

    There are more pics of it on page two of post on the original forum. That first picture is before he raised it another 2 inches. I'll copy them here for you guys. Looks pretty sweet. I dig the roof rack!
  8. tehHooligan

    little kid drifting lol

    plastic wheels :)
  9. tehHooligan

    Clean Car Family: GTI, A5, 370Z

    Hey Guys, I spent ~4 hours today washing and waxing my family's cars, and thought I'd post some pics up after they were clean. Audi is my mom's and the Z is my dad's. Shot with a Nikon D3100 and Nikkor 18-105mm lens. Hope you enjoy! :thumbup:
  10. tehHooligan


    The interior looks really super nice, compared to the last Beetle's lackluster interior. The steering wheel is remiesient of the Audi R8's in shape. The front lower bumper is a lot like the Golf and I see some Cayman-esque styling in the back fenders and bumper too. VW is definitely headed in a...
  11. tehHooligan

    Did I tell you guys I testdrove a Mustang GT

    I just did a barrel roll, it was way more exciting than this thread.
  12. tehHooligan

    VAGCOM needed in San Diego

    Hi All, I'm in need of help with VCDS for my car. I'm approaching my first service at 10,000 miles and I need some errors cleared. R LED tail lights give me the dreaded bulb out error, which I need to fix before that service, and my car threw the TPMS low pressure light again, so I need to...
  13. tehHooligan

    TPMS error, related to ECU tune?

    Like many people around here, my US-spec GTI had the ever-so-common TPMS error that caused the tire pressure light to go on for all eternity. I took it to the dealer and had them fix it, no problems there. It's been fine for a few months now. Recently I got my car GIAC chipped and everything...
  14. tehHooligan

    new vw cabrio in 2011

    the EOS and New Beetle Cabrio already have the VW convertible market, at least in the states. Don't know why they would bring back the golf cabrio when an EOS is basically a Jetta-ish hardtop convertible.
  15. tehHooligan

    Rieger Flips and crashes his scirocco

    he clipped the apex just right.
  16. tehHooligan

    Jetta Coupe is coming! Patent drawings revealed

    Yeah, I thought the exact same thing. The shape of the tails is very similar to the A5 and the body line is similar as well. Thats actually a really good thing because the A5 is so very sleek (but heavy).