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  1. RGGTI41510

    NBA Thread?

    I don't really frequent this forum as much but I saw this and had to give it a +1
  2. RGGTI41510

    NBA Thread?

    Nobody talks NBA anymore?
  3. RGGTI41510

    DSG golf ball shifter

    300 Or best offer.
  4. RGGTI41510

    FS: DSG golf ball shifter, Depo lights, floor mats, euro switch

    Got some random stuff for sale. PM me your phone number or email and I'll text you pics. Golf ball DSG shifter: $300 obo Depo tail lights: $200 obo (One light has a bee in it) Auto headlights Euro switch: make offer Parking brake boot with red stitching: make offer Everything can be picked...
  5. RGGTI41510

    Any sneaker heads in here?

    Forgot about this thread. I didn't buy too much in 2013, but I did just pick up some nice Laney 5s a couple days ago
  6. RGGTI41510

    General Car, Inferior or Superior Interior, & Eternal Mullet Barge Discussion Thread

    I don't think they belong on all cars tho. The 86 twins and the mustang look much better without one. The sunroof on the camaro looks stupid to me.
  7. RGGTI41510

    General Car, Inferior or Superior Interior, & Eternal Mullet Barge Discussion Thread

    Sunroofs are a must for me. I even pop it open on cold days. It provides fresh air right where I need it,and even alleviates nasal congestion sometimes.
  8. RGGTI41510

    The College Thread

    Why do I always get nervous about the first day of a new semester? Ugh.
  9. RGGTI41510

    The College Thread

    You're right. A friend told me it's .se now She also told me about it's supposed to be a better search engine for textbooks.
  10. RGGTI41510

    The College Thread

    Never torrented books before. Anyone know a good search engine? I can't get on the pirate bay anymore, I guess it was shut down. I haven't DL torrents in a while.
  11. RGGTI41510

    The funniest thing I have ever seen in years

    I LOL'd No regrets.
  12. RGGTI41510

    Movies Chat Thread

    Did anyone else see Inside Llewin Davis? What an overrated piece of garbage. Critically acclaimed my fuckin ass.. That shit sucked. D American Hustle was one of those movies that thinks it's better than you. C+ Wolf of Wall Street was raunchy as hell, fun to watch, would give it an A-, but a...
  13. RGGTI41510

    NBA Thread?

    The injuries are pretty entertaining. Also some cool stuff has happened, like the Trailblazers kicking all that ass. The Knicks beat Miami a couple days ago, that's something. You're right tho. All the Christmas games sucked except for Clippers/Warriors. Can't wait till after the all star...
  14. RGGTI41510

    NFL Thread-trash talk away

    You aren't wrong. But a lot 49er fans talk as if being a 49er fan is some great achievement in life. It's so annoying, especially considering that most of them were nowhere to be found before Harbaugh showed up. But yeah Raider fans be talkin. Me too. But there is something much more...
  15. RGGTI41510

    NFL Thread-trash talk away

    x2 The bandwagonness in the Bay Area is ridiculous.
  16. RGGTI41510

    NBA Thread?

    Almost thought this thread was deleted or something.
  17. RGGTI41510

    McQueen's Frozen Waffle Thread with Pole

    I always pronounced this "crusty ass." One time as a teen, I went over to my friends house and his mom was making breakfast with this brand. The first thing he said to me when I walked into their little apartment: "Sup dog, you want some crusty ass pancakes?" Lol Reminds me of another poor...
  18. RGGTI41510

    Mark Zuckerberg drives a GTI!

    She's not ugly. You're all a bunch of fuckin homos.
  19. RGGTI41510

    need new phjone- suggestions?

    That 'phjone' in the title really irks me for some reason.