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  1. s2kguy

    Said bye to my GTI

    Thanks to all on the forum who helped open my eyes to the a great car for 3 years. I learned so much from the postings and DIY articles. But it was time to move on to something that could transport my old bones in more comfort. At 74 my new Mercedes C250 Sport I got Monday will probably be my...
  2. s2kguy

    Loud Banging Noise

    As soon as it turned cold I hear a LOUD 'bang' from the rear at every bump I run over. I tightened everything in the trunk and stuffed towels every where something could move. Sounds like the rear end is going to come off. It did it last year at this time but subsided as summer came around...
  3. s2kguy

    Free- 2010 GTI Sway bar

    I have a free rear sway bar from my 2010 GTI for anyone with a Golf or TDI that would like it. Stiffer than your OEM bar. I replaced mine 2 yrs ago with one by APR. Available for pick up in DFW area or I can meet up in the Metroplex. It also fits Mk 5s. Gene in Euless:)
  4. s2kguy

    Very annoying rattle...SOLVED

    Just in case you've encountered this rattle... I've had it for off and on, mostly on, for several weeks that sounded like it was right in front of me in the steering column area or dash. Sounded like coins rattling in a tin can. I was just about to take it to the dealer and pay for repairs...
  5. s2kguy

    Bye, bye Denvers and Contis

    Got new 17" Enkei Fujins and Hankook V12 Evos yesterday, now I'm ready for summer!
  6. s2kguy

    Key Fob Battery

    I've tried the Search function here to no avail, and the car's operating manual is no help. Anyone know how to access the battery in the key fob? (2010 GTI) The VW manual only says to take it to a VW dealer or technical shop. There's got to be an easy way to replace the battery- mine died...
  7. s2kguy

    VW Shows New Golf Convertible
  8. s2kguy

    Super Bowl XLV Parking Spot

    I decided to stake out my Super Bowl parking spot a week early before it gets too crowded.:)
  9. s2kguy

    Any experience with cambered tires?

    Hate the OEM Contis on Denvers- lousy traction. (2010 GTI) Does anyone have any experience with the new cambered tires?
  10. s2kguy

    The GTI did me proud...

    As a former Z3 and S2000 owner, I rode many times on weekend and day drives with the local BMW Z3/Z4 club. But Saturday was the first time I joined them for a stomp through N Texas's backroads for lunch in Muenster, a German town. I was prepared to turn around if I couldn't keep up with them...
  11. s2kguy

    Whats your occupation?

    I've long lost count of checkrides the last was in early 2009. I do recall giving some type checks to some McAlpine pilots at Midlands Airport probably 3 decades ago.
  12. s2kguy

    Whats your occupation?

    YOU'RE ALL paying my bills, so keep those social security payroll deductions coming my way. I'm a retired corporate chief pilot. The small picture is me about 20 years ago on a flight to St. Thomas with John Travolta- his plane, not mine.
  13. s2kguy

    Explain your User Name.

    My last 2 cars were Honda S2000s- guess I need a new user name.
  14. s2kguy

    Wheel spin/traction loss while turning

    I have the OEM Continentals all (no?) seasons on Denvers. Too often I lose traction when making a turn and accelerating, and I'm only using moderate throttle. I'm concerned if I get APR stage 1 the traction loss will be much worse, even straight ahead. What has been your experience with APR...
  15. s2kguy

    Need VAG-COM help in Dallas-Ft Worth area

    Mk6 GTI. I had someone try to switch DRLs from the Xenons to fog lights, but he had no luck. So I had him reinstate the Xenons for DRL. Now I get a messages on my MFI to check my left and right DRLs every time I start up the car. Most annoying is there is a yellow warning light on in my...
  16. s2kguy

    Need VAG-COM help in DFW area

  17. s2kguy

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Greetings from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My name is Gene. I just have to be the most senior GTI owner, since I hope to be 72 in March. That gives me plenty of time to have owned several VWs: a '68 Beetle, Scirroco II, 2001.5 Passat. I ordered my United Gray GTI in November and tracked it...
  18. s2kguy

    Cloth Seat Protection

    Looks like most GTIs (and Golfs of course) are arriving with cloth interiors. Just a reminder, get a can of Scotch Gard fabric protector and spray your seats and arm rests. Most grocery stores will carry it and probably some auto supply stores. About $4.75. Did mine Sunday when two days old.
  19. s2kguy

    New GTI Arrived

    Well, the wait of over 2 mos. is finally over, as I picked up my car in Fort Worth, Friday. What a sweet drive it is! United Gray, Sunroof, Dynaudio, DSG, cloth interior. :happyanim: (Jerry's palace for a background.)
  20. s2kguy


    Get the best- Maui Jims. 2nd best-Serengeti