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  1. yada22

    ED's HID OEM Replica Headlights

    ED's replica OEM style headlights w/ Morimoto 6k bulbs & ballasts - $600 shipped OBO nothing wrong with the at all, i accepted a job in germany and am parting out my car.
  2. yada22

    FS - SOCAL - Miro STP 3's w/ Dunlop DZ101 215/35's and 225/35s -$600

    As the title says, I have a set of Miro STP 3's w/ Dunlop DZ101 215/35's and 225/35s. The wheels and tires have roughly 5K on them. the passenger side rear wheel has 1 1/2" of curb rash on the vary outside of the lip. there are a few other small nicks on 2 other wheels, small and unnoticeable...
  3. yada22

    2010 GTI Part Out

    So I've accepted a offer to work and live in Germany, so it's time to part out and let my GTI go. All the below parts are either off or will be coming off this weekend. I would prefer to sell the wheels and rack locally but willing to ship at the buyers expense. -ED's replica OEM style...
  4. yada22

    What did you get the wife/S.O. for Xmas?

    Nope.... young, no kids, no house... Nows the perfect time to drop a little cheese on the wifey!
  5. yada22

    What did you get the wife/S.O. for Xmas?

    A laptop, new snowboard out fit, some vs pink clothes, a little something for me ;) and a plan ticket to come with me to Germany for a job interview in a few weeks! I think she made out!
  6. yada22

    Adjusting the rear collar on ST Coils?

    hey guys, just curious if any of you guys with ST coils have adjusted your rear collars without dropping the rear sub frame (not sure if its called a sub frame)? im going to be raising my car for the winter so i can get her up to the mountains for snowboarding season and seeing if you guys had...
  7. yada22

    Audi discontinues manual gearbox for S4 and S5 in Europe

    especially in the maintenance category! just look at all the issues and higher costs of maintenance of our GTI's DSG. plus i just love the feel of 3 pedals and needing two hands to drive!
  8. yada22

    High idle, sputter then lowered back down at stops?

    Hey guys not sure what to search so maybe you can help me out. so when i come to a stop at a red light or stop sign i pop out of gear and get of the clutch, then if my rev's were higher then 1200 it comes down to 1200, holds then sputters and lowers back down to 8500. if my revs were lower then...
  9. yada22

    Uber Stealth, Alpine & RE Audio, amps and Subs and more - SoCal

    Hi Have a good amount of Car audio equipment for sale: -Alpine 10" R series sub dual 4ohm SWR-1043D Type-R - SOLD -Alpine Monoblock 500 Watt RMS Power Amplifier MRP-M500 - SOLD -RE Audio SRI 10 D2 sub woofer dual 2 ohm - $75 -RE Audio XT-800.2 v2 amp - $100 -set of kenwood 6.5" speakers -...
  10. yada22


    same here, it'll be home after work!!
  11. yada22

    Whats your occupation?

    Project manager/Producer for cutscenes and cinematics for video games :)
  12. yada22

    New headlight reps?

    Hey guys, i know they arn't exact reps, but these look nice! given im not a huge fan of the LED or how they come up an the bottom left, but these are much nicer then the spider ones. Pure Euro posted these on there facebook, but no other info?!?!?! doe anyone have info?
  13. yada22

    Audio Help Please

    Ok so i decided to upgrade my subwoofer/amp combo for 2 reasons... 1. more power (last setup was 300w rms at 4ohm) 2. i had a AB amp under the floor and with the summer heat it was starting to overheat on extended car rides, 1 hour plus.... previous setup was: Amp - RE Audio XT-800.2 v2 (2...
  14. yada22

    iPad 2 Coming March 11

    yea it cracks me up when people complain about apple updating the product once a year... so does everything else!! droid to droid X... zume to zume HD (i think it was called)... its technology and it is constantly evolving and getting better, so apple takes that as an opportunity to upgrade its...
  15. yada22

    ST's and STP's

    I decided to finally get wheels and suspension now that my snowboarding season has been forced to end early. I wanted to thank Ben over at P2Spec for the coils and install and RSMark for helping me through all of my wheel and tire questions. Suspension was installed on Saturday so im waiting...
  16. yada22

    What was your last car?

    MK4 to MK6 2001 GTI VR6 GLX Coils, catback, cams, intake, stage 1, DG SS, 20th anniversary kit with a euro TDI rear and helix projectors.... a sad sad day :(
  17. yada22

    Wash and Snap!!!

    Just got the black front lip on today, looks nice with the black roof. at least i think so!! Washed her and brought out the nice cam real quick, didn't really spend much time playing with the pics, well except one. comments welcome!
  18. yada22

    Anyone or any meets in the westlake/thousand oaks area?

    hey guys, i recently moved up to the westlake/ thousand oaks area... i was never really deep into the see, but id like to dive in some more. are there any meets or get together up here? the old MK4 the new mk6
  19. yada22

    Rear Bumper Scuff Plate

    Looking for some help... I'm not a fan of the MK6 plastic $130 scuff plate. does anyone know if the MK5 scuff plate fits? thanks for the help