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  1. Jason3D

    FS - OEM pop in rear hatch sunshade

    SOLD! $80. These appear to be discontinued and hard to find. Cost $120 new.
  2. Jason3D

    FS - Hoen H8 white fog light bulbs

  3. Jason3D

    FS - Candy White Votex front Lip

  4. Jason3D

    Aspherical Side Mirrors - Blue, Heated

    $50/shipped. I bought these from ECS for $75 and had them on my car for a couple of months. They are in great shape. Parting out my car. Haven't had a chance to take photos but add pics next week if they're not already sold by then. Taking off for a wedding all weekend tomorrow so may not be...
  5. Jason3D

    Clear Side Markers (GTI)

  6. Jason3D

    Alzor Laguna Reps with Hankook V12's

  7. Jason3D

    OEM B6 Audi S4 Wheels - $300

    Sold. This is for a set of 5, but they are not in great shape. I believe two of them are slightly bent. I ran them for over a year but when I rotated back wheels to the front I got a vibration in the steering wheel. When I rotated them back again the vibration was gone. Two of the wheels look...
  8. Jason3D

    FS - OEM Roof Rack - 2 door

  9. Jason3D

    Yakima Whispbar Roof Rack - 2 Door

    Sold. Bars are in great shape. Fits 2 door. Includes all keys for the covers. Posting a pic with them on the car for now, and will update this thread next week with pics of them off the car. I am heading to a wedding tomorrow and will be gone all weekend so won't have a chance to post...
  10. Jason3D

    FS - Depo R LED Tails Dark Cherry with Fog

  11. Jason3D

    FS - Eurosport Catback for GTI

    Sold. Parting out my car. Selling my Eurosport catback. Had it on the car for 1 year and 4 months. I thought it was the perfect exhaust for the car. Sporty and refined. Did not drone at all. Very quiet on the freeway and would sing at full throttle. I painted the rear section flat black so that...
  12. Jason3D

    "The Leftovers"

    I am surprised that HBO put their name on that show. Reminds me of a cheesy Stephen King miniseries like The Dome. I gave up after a few episodes but my wife is into it so I browse forums on my phone while she watches.
  13. Jason3D


    Stock rollers back on.
  14. Jason3D

    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Bump. Adding pics.
  15. Jason3D

    FS - H&R 22mm Rear Sway Bar

    I've only had the bar for about 2 months but am buying a house and trying to free up some cash. I bought it from AWE tuning. The bar is obviously in excellent condition and includes the teflon bushings. I would prefer a local sale, but if I need to ship it will be packaged in the same box that I...
  16. Jason3D

    VW Polo R

    I would buy one of these in a heartbeat.
  17. Jason3D

    FS - OEM Hollow Spoke Porsche Twists - Adapters Included

    SOLD! It pains me to sell these, but since I am in the process of buying a house I need to free up some cash. These are OEM Hollow Spoke Porsche Technology Twist wheels from a 993 911. These are NOT the solid spoke version of the wheels that came on some models. The Porsche shop I bought them...
  18. Jason3D

    Can I afford Bugatti Veyron?

    Just finished plastidipping the tails on mine. Having a hard time finding the soundaktor though. Bags going on this weekend.
  19. Jason3D

    Post pictures of your pet here!!

    Wow, he's gotten big!
  20. Jason3D

    Recent Purchase thread....

    Front lip and blue mirrors.