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  1. drtyjrsy

    Gti color

    If you could have your gti in any color what would it be?
  2. drtyjrsy

    Window Tinting Thread

    I’ve been wanted to start an information thread here for tinting. Unfortunately there’s a lot of misleading/conflicting info out there about different brands, types and pricing that goes along with it. First and foremost I'm a auto/vw enthusiast looking to gain nothing more then to help out...
  3. drtyjrsy

    Video funny stuff at 2:00 watch the!
  4. drtyjrsy

    Stasis Software

    Stasis is pretty much pushed as an audi company but they have software now for MK6's. Huge bonus is that it does not void any warranty. i found out that a few months ago they started working with VW/Audi that they could be treated like dinan is to BMW. These guys are not cheap but the...
  5. drtyjrsy

    17" denvers with tires and TPMS

    im finally ordering my new wheels and am selling my denvers with continental contipros. 9000 miles on the tires and NO chips or scratches on any wheel. selling with all TPMS. will ship anywhere in the country from 92121 san diego, ca. asking 700+shipping. mike 973-930-3722
  6. drtyjrsy

    Black roof wrap

    I did the vinyl roof a week or so ago and wanted to get some pictures up. I did the install myself so if anyone has questions on what to expect with getting it done let me know. i ended up taking off the fin antenna, was a pretty strait forward removal all things considered. The vinyl is the...
  7. drtyjrsy

    Explain your User Name.

    born and raised new jersey and that shat is dirty
  8. drtyjrsy

    OZ Michelangelos

    I came across these wheels and im kinda back and forth on them. in the us tirerack is the only auth. dealer and they are going to have to be a special order. wanted to see if anyone has or seen these wheels on a VW before i attempt to order them. pictures of them on cars from what i found are...
  9. drtyjrsy

    CW GTi

    ve been doing things here and there since i got the car 3 weeks ago. :thumbup: ceramic tint 20% rear hatch, 30% 4 doors, 60% windshield. tail light tint light shade on tail lights, dark on 3rd brake light all markers and double on fog lights and i used the same material on the front grill...