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  1. Mick431

    WTB - OEM Votex Skirt

    Hi Guys, I was wondering could anyone help me, I have a RHD '09 Golf and unfortunately a section of the skirt has fallen off. The flap over the screw, as circled below, has fallen off and the skirt looks a bit silly missing it. VW have been unable to help me with this and I was wondering...
  2. Mick431

    Going lower...

    I am considering getting my Golf lowered and I wondered if any of you could help me. I have never done this before, I have no idea what im talking about and I have no idea where to start so could anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. Mick431

    $1560 USD - is this too much?

    As the title suggests - $1560 USD/£1000 GBP Does this seem too much for -R-line LED Tailights AND -GTI/R-line Spoiler AND -Black gloss vinyl roof wrap All of the above painted (were applicable), and fitted to the car? :iono:
  4. Mick431

    2011 volkswagen mk6 jetta

    the back is very audi a4-like!
  5. Mick431

    The standard bodykit on Golf Bluemotion?? Quite sporty?

    I maybe be double posting here, But has anyone noticed the bodykit on the Golf bluemotion? The front bumper, side skirts and larger rear spoiler?? Im interested in the spoiler as it is similar to the GTI spoiler and is one solid thing as apposed to an add-on like the Votex one! Here are some...
  6. Mick431

    Average MPG

    Can everyone on the forum with a 1.4 TSI 122PS tell me their average MPG or even how many miles they get out of a tank? Or both if you can?? Thanks
  7. Mick431


    the reiger Scirocco featured in that video looks amazing!
  8. Mick431


    what i would suggest is you check they fit in the sunglasses holder in the car. I have a pair of RayBan's and a pair of Oakleys, and neither fit in the sunglasses holder in the car!
  9. Mick431

    Alloy Wheel Damage!

    I scuffed my front right wheel on a kerb the other day and it looks awful! any tips on hot to make it look any better or even fix it?? this is the wheel without damage
  10. Mick431

    The Picture Game

  11. Mick431

    The Picture Game

  12. Mick431

    Two new Body kits by Rieger

    These are links to two new body kits i found for the mk6
  13. Mick431

    The Picture Game

  14. Mick431

    The Picture Game

  15. Mick431

    The Picture Game

  16. Mick431

    The Picture Game

  17. Mick431

    My New CW Mk6 w/ votex kit

    A pic of my new CW Mk6 with votex body kit
  18. Mick431

    The Picture Game

  19. Mick431

    The Picture Game

  20. Mick431

    The Picture Game