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    FS Used Hella LED OEM brand cherry taillight

    Item-used Hella LED taillights cherry red with harness and Micro can Ross_tech cable for coding Price-$600shipped for both or OBO Location-Nashville TN Payment - Paypal only
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    For Sale Advan RT in racing silver-18x8.5 45

    bump new price is at $1500 plus shipping, tire at right at 6-7/32 Shipping to be between $100 to $200 depending if you want tire or without PayPal or cash if local picked up and wheel located in Nashville TN
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    3 weeks old Black ATT HTC One

    Have a 3 weeks old HTC for sale, phone is in mint condition and selling only cause i went back to iphone 5, asking price is $500 shipped paypal
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    Holy shit...leasing an Evo X GSR for $259/month

    dude its was only notchy for the weak:D
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    Holy shit...leasing an Evo X GSR for $259/month

    and also i was getting around 24mpg with FBO and flash
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    Holy shit...leasing an Evo X GSR for $259/month

    regular sport, here is another with a different setup i had and yeah i love Volks
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    Holy shit...leasing an Evo X GSR for $259/month

    here is an Evo with swift spring for you reference
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    BNIB Team Dynamics 18x8.0 45 5x112 Silver

    Just a feeler to see if anyone in interested in a brand new Team Dynamics 1.2 18x8.0 et45 57.1 HUB in silver, wheel weight in under 20lbs and i just have something else i am eyeing on. $900 + shipping wheel only(paypal only) and here is some feedback if anyone care...